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Make Up for Every Day

Women and men around the world will wear make up to change their looks, to enhance their looks or to hide problem areas on their face. Make up is used in many different fashions, and in different ways from culture to culture. In this article, I want to tell you more about how make up is used, and for those of you who have never used certain types of make up before, you can learn more about what make up can do for you, and what types of make up you might like to try for your own beauty expression days. 

After getting dressed for the day using a little makeup can make your eyes bigger, your mouth smaller, your eyes little, or your cheek bones bigger. One of the best things about make up is that just a little color experimented with in the right manner will give you that look you want most. 

One thing to keep in mind when you are experimenting with make up, or a new way of putting make up on your face is that you can always wash it off and start over. Don�t like what you see in the mirror? Tone it down or turn it up with a little more coloring!

When looking through magazines, you will find that the models in magazines are generally �done up� in a very minimal fashion, using make up to enhance their over all appearance. In some cases you will also find make up is used to make a dramatic change or make a statement of bold eyes, puffy lips or such. Experimenting with all types of make up will give you a better idea of what you want to see in the mirror. 

  • How is make up most often used?
  • If you are off to work in the morning at the local office you will want to keep your make up lighter to portray a more professional you. 
  • If you are off to the local dance hall, you might want to put a little more make up on, to enhance your features more in the dark atmosphere of the dance hall. 
  • When you are out on a date, you can make your personal choices of what you want your expression to be using make up, a little, or possibly a little more. 

Here are names of the most often types of make up used, and what they are used for: 

Concealer is used to cover dark areas under your eyes, nose, mouth and sometimes on your neck. Concealer should be the color of your natural skin coloring so you are lightening those darker areas that you want to make all one color. Often concealer is a cream, a liquid that you will wipe on lightly with your fingertip, a tissue or even a sponge to cover the areas that are a little darker nicely. Concealer is often called foundation, meaning it is the foundation of your coloring of your face. Work the concealer from the darker areas of your eyes, or such, to blend in with the natural coloring of your face. 

Powder is used in many different ways. Powder is brushed on, sponged on or patted on your face. Powder on your face does the �same� as is does for other portions of your body. Powder is going to absorb and cover oily areas of your skin so you don�t have shinny skin all the time on your face. You should use a powder that is similar in coloring to that of your skin on your face and neck. Lightly put powder on as many times as needed during the day for a fresh clean look and feel. 

Blush is a type of makeup that is used to add color to your cheekbones, to your face, and sometimes to the bones lines of your neck or around your ears. Blush is available in shades of red or pink, that can be used as light as or as dark and daring as you would like to be. Blush can be found in liquids or in powders so you can choose from the type of makeup that is easiest for you to personally to apply. 

If your eyebrows are light or if they are very thin, you can use an eyebrow pencil to fill in those gaps or to darken up your eyebrows. Eyebrow pencils are to be sharp when applying to your skin, but you can rub the line to make them look in any manner that you would like. Eyebrow pencils should be chosen to match the coloring of your hair for the best natural looking eyebrows. 

Eye shadow is used on the lid above your eye from your eyelashes to your eyebrow, in as much or as little as you like. All of the colors of the rainbow are found in different shades of eye shadow so you can match what you are wearing, your eyes or just your mood. Eye shadow is found in powder, liquids, and sometimes in pencil forms. 

Mascara is a tube with a brush that you apply to your eyelashes to make your eyelashes appear thicker, longer and fuller. You can use as much or as little mascara as you think your eyes need to stand out. Along with the use of mascara sometimes eyelash curlers are used to make your eye lashes curl up as you would your hair, to look longer and thicker. 

You can�t forget your lips! Makeup for your lips involves lip-gloss, which is a colorless gloss used to make your lips look wet, or lip stick. Lipstick is available in just about any shade of red or brown that you can imagine, and sometimes a few other off the wall colors, that will enhance or make your lips stand out and look fuller. 

Use makeup to hide imperfections, to make your beauty stand out, to change your mood or to cover up those long nights that leave you with a few dark circles under your eyes. No matter what you are using makeup for, experimenting with coloring and how you apply it will be best for your personal long term understanding of makeup and usage.

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