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Preventing and Aiding Dry Skin

Your skin is a preventative covering for your body. How your skin feels, looks and appears to others is a direct result of what you do daily, how you care for your skin, and sometimes your age. You can put off dry, hurting and older looking skin by taking care of your skin through your younger years and into your older years, for younger looking, and better feeling skin that you can be highly proud of now and into your future. 

If you live in a cool or cold area, where the weather is not always so warm, you can suffer from dry skin. Dry skin takes its toll on your skin by leaving you with itchy, sometimes cracked skin that is not very comfortable. Another reason for dry skin is the sun. The sun can dry and bake your skin, leaving it without your natural moisturizers that aid in the healing process, and in the regeneration process. Still another cause of dry skin is the wind. Your hands in the wind without proper covering can be left dried out. 

There are still other ways that your skin can dry out which include shaving (your arms, your face, your legs and such) not drinking enough water (water is what makes up your body, and is important in moisturizing your skin), wearing make up all the time will dry portions of your skin out, and using a tanning bed too much can dry out your skin, and there are other reasons that your skin can dry out as well. 

One of the best measures in fighting dry skin, anywhere on your body is going to involve preventative measures. Preventative measures at first thought will include limiting how much time you spend in the sun, limiting the time you spend in the tanning booth, covering up when you are out in the snow and in the wind or cold, and drinking five to eight glasses of water a day. 

Additional measures you can take to prevent dry skin is going to include wearing sun block, or at very least some amount of sun block. Sun block is going to limit the number of harmful rays that will reach the inner layers of your skin. Limiting the harmful rays may mean that you won�t be that bronze tan that you want to be, but you will have supple, soft skin later in life when others are looking a little more wrinkled and fighting dry skin all the time from the amount of sunlight that they exposed their skin too. 

In order to protect and revitalize your skin you will need to scrub, wash and exfoliate your skin in areas that are most exposed to the sun. Scrubbing and exfoliating your skin takes off the drier skin, allowing your fresher, softer skin to continue growing to give you a glow that only fresh, clear, and moist skin can provide. 

Some people have naturally dry skin, and for no apparent reason no matter how much moisturizer you use will prevent your skin from drying out once again. The cause could be in your genes or hereditary, but the continued use of water, preventative measures and moisturizers will make your dry skin at least a little more bearable. You can even prevent chapped lips, which is a form of dry skin, by simply wearing lip gloss or chap stick in the winter, cold, snow, and winds. 

If you are out in the winter weather, you still might want to consider wearing sun block. When you are sled riding, skiing, skating or anything where you are out in the sun of the winter, that reflects on the snow or ice, the rays are strong and can dry out your skin on your face. Wearing some amount of sun block during the winter months is going to be just as helpful as it is in the summer months!

In the summer, spring, fall and in the winter, when you get out of the water from the bath, shower or swimming, putting some type of moisturizer or lotion on as much of your body as possible is going to help keep your skin moist fresh and feeling good now and far into your future!

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