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Beautiful, shiny, STRAIGHT hair!!

Submitted by steph

I  have struggled with my naturally frizzy hair for years, but have recently found a solution. I shampoo with tresemme vitamin E enriched shampoo for dry or damaged hair. i rinse that out and then put in tresemme vitamin E enriched conditioner for dry or damaged hair. I leave that in for about 3 minutes. then rinse it out and put on pantene intensive restoration treatment conditioner.

I leave it in for about 5-10 minutes, and then rinse and put in garnier fructis deep conditioning treatment. I leave it in until I'm about to get out of the shower. I rinse almost all of it out with cool water to close the hair follicles and make my hair really shiny. (i PROMISE this helps.) then wrap my hair up in a towel while I get dressed and put on my make-up. this helps it to dry quicker to minimize blow drying time. when I'm ready to do my hair.

I take it out of the towel and carefully COMB, NOT BRUSH it out. (brushing instead of combing could be the main reason your hair is frizzy. brushing breaks your hair.) then I put a small amount of redken smooth down heat glide in my palm and put it sparingly in my hair, concentrating on the ends. I comb my hair again and then blow dry it, keeping the blow dryer as far as possible from my hair and pointing the dryer straight down to help straighten my hair as well as dry it. once my hair is dry, I comb it out AGAIN and then pull half of it up into a bun on the top of my head so I have access to the bottom layer of my hair. I then straighten it using my straightening iron. the only kind of straightening iron you should use is a ceramic one that has heat adjustor settings on it. you can get these at beauty salons. they are a little more expensive (mine was $50) but are well worth the extra cost because they don't fry your hair and get much hotter to work faster.

I straighten the bottom layer of my hair, then let the rest of my hair down, comb it through again, and straighten the top layer. comb once more and there's your finished product. hopefully lots shinier, healthier, and straighter than before you read this beauty tip!

Visitors comments

wonderful Comments By: Kailee on 2004-11-29
it was a little complicated but i followed what you did and now my hair looks GREAT. its shinier and straighter than its ever been before, and the products you use are fairly cheap which is a plus.
yep yep Comments By: sarah on 2004-12-29
i do this too, my hair isnt in particularly bad condition so i just shampoo with a colour protective and then a conditioner, i use an intensive conditioner about once a week and the exact same steps for straightening hair, my hair is much softer and shinier tha when i neglected my hair with the old "2-in-1" routine
yEEAh :) Comments By: Leah on 2005-03-03
Thanks for sharing how you do your hair this really worked for me! its the only thing that actully works your a lifesaver! have a good day!

without the deep condition treatment Comments By: jazz on 2005-05-14
i went to my stylist after getting my hair colored...and this is exactlywhat she said i should do. my hair is thick and hardto manage but i haven't had heathier hair in my life. my hair looks awesome with redken smooth heat glide.
Finally!! Comments By: tammie s on 2005-08-03
I have very thick hair that is wavy/curly. I have searched for years to find the perfect combination of product and tools to achieve straight hair without helmet head and frizz. This approach is wonderful. I have straight hair, that moves and doesn't make me look like Darth Vader! Especially love the Heat Glide!! Thank you!!
Well. Comments By: Madie on 2005-12-02
Just to warn you if you read on the granier fructis deep conditioning treatment it has alchohol.. Which talking in long term can dry your hair/

but great advice!

true Comments By: Danielle on 2006-02-16
i do the same thing but i use biosilk silk therapy serum and a volumizing shampoo and it works okay for me.
any other way? Comments By: . on 2006-03-18
its a good way but im short on time alot. is there any other short way for people who already have straight hair but it's frizzy?
da best way!!!! Comments By: samantha on 2006-08-12
safe...this is actually working on me perfectly, my har used to be curly n frizzy and once i tried this method my hair became shiny and healthy!!! I'm excited now, no worries when i go to school. But the only thing is that it takes agezzzz....lol

plz try it Comments By: kami on 2009-01-15
first i think it is joke because i try many products but no product work when i use this tips i cant explain in my own words so pls try it
idk what to say Comments By: JESSICA on 2009-05-04
well i'm only a teen so idk if i can just ask my parents to go out and buy all those products. Also my dad's a hair stylist and i have alot of hair products just don't know how to use them correctly. Or atleast idk how to staighten my hair right cuz it goesinto curls at the ends later at school.... HELP
Its ok Comments By: Rosie on 2009-06-19
Its ok doeznt work a 100 percent but what can u do
yep:) Comments By: lilly on 2009-11-27
so true hey everyone try it
i only dreamed!!!! Comments By: spolls mcanoy on 2010-01-03
wow my hair was noturious for being frizzy 'n' fluffy! i only dreamed my hair would look like this!!

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