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Deep breath hiccup remedy

Submitted by Margaux & Nathan, Sydney Australia

To cure hiccups take a deep breath and hold it while counting backwards from ten to zero.My boyfriend told me this and at first I didn't believe him but it WORKED!

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WOW Comments By: Mercy on 2005-11-10
Well it really does!!
no Comments By: anon on 2006-06-23
it didnt work... ive had these hicups for HOURS
thanks it works Comments By: carol on 2006-06-28
it worked for me i don't get them very often but their gone after one try
Yo Yo Jo Jo!! Comments By: Yo on 2006-08-28
It really does work.
kewl Comments By: Classic Markers (LOL) on 2008-03-04
It worked for me today,
but it doesn't work everytime you get the hicups.
I got the hiccups one time and i tried a lot of different cure encluding this one and they wouldn't go awway.
I just depeneds are how tough your hiccups are.
good Luck with your own hiccups! :P

the only one that worked Comments By: Kenneth on 2008-04-21
I just got done trying about 15 of these dif. cure and this simple hold & count is the only one that worked... thank you!
YYEEEEESSSS THANK YOU! Comments By: Turk on 2008-08-01
Tried just holding my breath and didnt work. then read this and did it and it works. from looking at all the different remedys i think something that involves both mental and physical is the most likely to work! great!
Yay Comments By: Laura on 2008-08-05
Wow, i'm stood here looking like a complete spoon with lots of customers looking at me, so I came onto this site and they've gone! Brilliant!
It worked! Comments By: juan on 2009-05-19
thanks for the advice I really thought it wasn't going to work but it did. I repeated it several times though before i saw any results.
thnx guys!! Comments By: ZaCk on 2009-10-23
wowo it reli work guys!! after counting 10 to 0 i dun hav hicups animore!!
I've tried before but never from 10-0 Comments By: Alejandra on 2010-03-28
When my hipcups started i did but without counting than i couted from 10-0 and magic they were out... thankss

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