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Straight hair with a rope

Submitted by sandra steavens

This works girls! First apply some conditioner to your hair. The tie the loose end of your hair with some rope. Tie the other end of the rope to some fixed object, like a towel rod or something. now its time to straighten it. Start pulling gently.(do this only after you take a shower, as the hair is still wet and is easy to straighten it)do this for about 5 minutes and viola, straight hair.

Visitors comments

Uh Comments By: Arch on 2004-12-06
Sure it's great, if you don't mind getting rope burn or splitting your hair O_o
OUCH! Comments By: anon on 2005-04-15
Why pull your hair and damage it by tying it to rope? just blow dry it straight or use a straightener... avoid major headaches
wow.. sad actually Comments By: laura on 2006-02-03
this is the worst tip i have ever seen! first of all, tying your hair to a rope will only damage and break your hair/ends. it will never straighten it! it just pulls the hair tight at the roots and when you untie it, it will look the same as it did, no straighter!! this is a rediculous tip
Are you kidding? Comments By: Diva on 2007-01-06
You have punked if you think tying yourself to a towel rod will straighten your hair. I think whats in order is a good therapist and a flat iron.
rope? Comments By: dnt wry on 2009-01-19
just buy a straighter
Mid evil torture??? Comments By: jerry on 2010-08-21
why bother...this is some ones idea of a joke....so dark ages...just straighten it!

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