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Kind of good way to straight hair

First wash you hair and just add conditioner. Scrunch, Blow dry your hair. After when your hair is dry use a paddle brush to smooth and straight your hair.

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greasy! Comments By: davina on 2006-08-17
there is a point to "soak lather and RINSE" u no!!!
people do not put conditioner on after washin ur hair!

Well.. Comments By: Jayney on 2008-03-19
Comment above ^^ LOL you are kidding right?! People dont use conditioner after shampooing their hair???

Hmmm ok then, incase you havent realised thats what its for. Shampooing your hair doesnt just wash away dirt, it strips out all of the goodness and natural oils. You are meant to use conditioner afterwards to put some of it back into the hair. Thats why its recommended that you dont wash your hair everyday, just every second day and such likes. So no because she uses conditioner like 90% of other females, it doesnt mean she has greasy hair. Im guessing your hair must feel like straw though..

Haha :D Comments By: xoxrhannaxox on 2009-03-24
I Totally Agree Wtih Jayney (Soz If Thats Not The Way Yhoo Spell It) There Wouldn't Be Conditioner If It Is Bad For Your Hair ! Your Hair Only Gets Greasy If Yhoo Don't Wash Your Hair Every Second Day Or Yhoo Use Too Much Conditionor ! Conditionor Is Madee For A Reason Too Make Your Hair Soft And So Your Hair Doesn't Get So Damaged By Shampoo ! SO USE CONDITIONOR Don't Ruin Your Hair ! :D xox

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