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Lightening your foundation

If you have a foundation that is to dark mix it with some moisturizer this lightens your foundation and stops you from looking orange!!!

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NO! Comments By: becca on 2005-04-17
no! that doesnt work at all.
no Comments By: casey on 2005-05-31
this didnt work for me it was messy and still made it blotchy and orange!!!
I DO IT DIFFRENT Comments By: Sara on 2008-05-21
instead of mixing your foundation with your moisturizer, i also add water to it. of course it depends on how much foundation you need, but i only use a dime sized amount, and for my moisturizer i use half the amound of foundation, then 2-3 drops of water. It makes your face look alot natural!
noo wayy Comments By: lucyy babess on 2008-11-19
noo it doesnt work at all
it just made me orange and my face looked ames after it woz soo hard to mix in


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