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To relieve pain and remove infected core from a boil.

Create a poultice from a soap like Sunlight Laundry bar soap or any soap that has a lot of lye in it (facial soap wont work) .

Scrape soap with a knife to make a fine powder then add equal amount of white sugar ...add just enough water to make a gooey paste . Apply to a bandage and place over boil. This will draw the infectious center of the boil and create a "head" in the center of the boil. 

Use a clean sterilized needle to just break the surface of the skin in the center of the boil ( the skin is dead here by the time you can see a core of the boil) Continue to apply poultice once or twice per day . This will draw the core of the boil out . 

Have used this remedy for boils for generations in our family and it has always worked. This will also draw splinters out if seriously embedded in the skin.

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