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Mouthwash Relief For Severe Ear Ache

Submitted by Eddie B

Apply a tea spoon of mouthwash into the infected ear. I don't know if any one will do but I used a store brand of Blue Mint Antiseptic Mouth Rinse. It worked like magic.

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wow Comments By: zac on 2005-03-13
its 230 in the morning and im falling apart with a horrible sore throat and a bad ear pain but half a cotton ball in listerine and its all better, the pressure is still there but lets get real people its not gunna take away drainage too. but for a quick fix until morning this is amazing, THANK YOU!
It Works!!! Comments By: Sue from Delaware on 2005-01-09
My 17 yr. old daughter woke up Christmas morning at 4 am with severe shooting ear pain. I soaked a cotton ball with mouthwash and put it in her ear. It took her pain away immediately! I have told everyone about this. I few days later I took her to the doctor and she had swimmer's ear but this remedy did take away her severe pain.
WOW!!! Comments By: Ginnifer on 2005-01-14
I dont have a clue what makes this work but it does and literally in minutes
It really does work!!!! Comments By: Cathy on 2005-02-17
I have had a nagging earache all day!! Read this and tried it, it's gone!! Almost instantly! Thanks!!
I will surely pass this along Comments By: vanessa charles on 2005-01-30
This worked within minutes!
excellent tip Comments By: Janet on 2005-03-06
I would have never thought of this or even tried it except the mineral oil thing didnt help and when the dr's office is closed need to do something to avoid a er fee. Thanks!
Its the best thing Comments By: DALLAS -(Ohio) on 2005-04-02
It really works it better than going to the doctors and paying all that money when it works better than any medacin out there!!! THANKS
It's Magic! Comments By: Hopi on 2005-05-16
My daughter had a terrible earache that was keeping her up all night. I read this and wahla- the earache is gone and she is sleeping soundly. Thank you!
very sad Comments By: Ashley Headley on 2005-05-18
I don't know if I somehow did this wrong, (although it dosen't seem like there could be too many ways to put mouthwash in your ear) but I still am in alot of pain. It's 4:09 in the morning and I'm crying because I want to sleep!
Wow Works Comments By: Chris on 2005-05-22
This amazingly worked on my wife. However her ear stung after a couple of mins due to her sensitive skin.
Hey, it worked! Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-23
I had a nagging, intermittant, stabbing pain in my left ear. I dipped a cotton ball in some listerine and put it in my ear, and the pain isn't totally gone, but it is MUCH less than a few minutes ago.
didn't work as good as i thought it would Comments By: Kayla on 2005-06-22
After reading these comments i figured it would work wonders but now i have this burning sensation in my ear that won't go away.
FINALLY Comments By: anon on 2005-07-04

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