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Constipation. Constipation advice


1. Take a glass of warm water.

2. After 15 minutes, go to toilet to pass the stool.

3. While easing out, put your fore finger pressing your chin from centre.

4. Within 4-5 days, you will experience that it becomes easier to pass the stool.

Visitors comments

not Comments By: Kristi on 2006-01-04
who says that after someone drinks the warm water they will automatically have to go to the bathroom 15 minutes later? if it was that easy people wouldn't be constipated.
I agree with the other commenter... Comments By: Cool girl on 2007-01-06
That doesn't work. I could drink lots of warm water and just have to pee my brains out. I wish it were that easy.
constipation cures Comments By: Lynn on 2009-02-09
What a load of rubbish, my elderly mother suffers all the time with constipation, she also drinks several glasses of warm water daily, in fact warm water is the first thing to pass her lips every day.

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