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Bad throat. Tip to improve a sore throat.


1. Look into your right palm, the thumb must face towards the sky.
2. Loosen the thumb-slightly and feel for a very small bone on the inner side of the thumb.
3. Rub this small bone 40-50 times (mildly).
4. Repeat the same with the left palm also.
5. Within 2 minutes, there will be a considerable improvement..

Visitors comments

Intersting Comments By: Sam on 2005-01-26
Very interesting...i intend to try this...
Doesn't work! Comments By: Anon on 2005-03-18
I tried this and it doesn't work! Surprise Surprise!
it kinda freaked me out! Comments By: Patrice on 2005-12-11
But it did work ....for a minute anyway.
How does this.... Comments By: anon on 2005-12-15
How does this cure a bad throat?
yeah...no Comments By: anon on 2006-01-16
it didnt work for me!
I was stupid enough to try it!!!! Comments By: edwina on 2006-04-22
Who made this one up? Didn't work. Try mixing cinnamon,ginger,honey,vinegar and sugar in very warm water......ya never know! We are trying it now.
weird Comments By: alice on 2006-05-13
it kind of calms you down and as you start it gives the effect your throat is loosening slightly... shame it doesnt make the pain go away. dont try if you have a cough as well as a sore throat
great Comments By: akshay on 2006-08-14
its great really good
HUH? Comments By: Nicki on 2006-10-17
What small bone??
I think its power of suggestion!

kind off Comments By: sfdsff on 2006-10-23
it worked a dit but stil no good
i guess soooooooo! Comments By: kannu on 2006-10-29
i guess it works
Well I tried it.. Comments By: Ab on 2006-11-25
I was actuall very sceptical but I think it worked, it has improved my throat a bit at least now I don't feel like I have a saw down my throat. Thanks..wonder how long this will last? I'm going to keep doing it and perhaps it will make it go away???!!!
does seem to work Comments By: wil on 2007-01-15
not sure if it is power of suggestion or not, but it did work a bit. i was very skeptical but my throat is a bit better
It worked! Comments By: shawn on 2007-02-04
but it worked only when my thumb was up
it works... Comments By: rashmi on 2007-03-02
yeah it does, seems to be some accupressure point therre? we can also try warm water, ginger n lill' honey......
dose it or doe it Comments By: laura wakelam on 2007-03-03
i dno if it works are not:S
dont work Comments By: never mind on 2007-04-22
well i think its a load of **** coz it did not work for me
wtf lol that worked obv u other people havnt rubbed the right bone Comments By: ashlee on 2007-06-15
my throat feels like thers no lump stickin out now a no its still ther but feels 10 x better wow amazed thanks!
bad throat ka ilaaj Comments By: Harpreet chautala on 2007-09-14
1 tbsp of water, 1 tabspn of milk, 2 pinch of sugar add elaachi/cinamon, add 10 grains of tea and boil it....your chai is ready, its effective when served hot....
Try This! Comments By: Fish on 2008-01-04
It Works ..Trust me ..I Promise ..its so good!
You Will Need;-
- 2 Tablespoons of lemon Juice.
- 6 Tablespoons of Ginger.
- 1 Teaspoon of sugar.
- 4 Teaspoons of Salt.
- 1 Pint Of Boiling HOT water.

First Get a Large Cup and Fill It with A pint of Boiling HOT water And Add Six Tablespoons of ginger and Two Tablespoons of Lemon Juice.Leave To settle for 1 Minute.After 1 minute Add 1 Teaspoon of Sugar and 4 Teaspoons of salt.Slowly Stir Until All Has Dissolved!

There ,Try it ..
2.It Tastes GOOD
3.Your Feeling Better

I Tried It when i Had A sore throat,I Liked It Loads . It Not Only Helps Sore throats .It helps Headaches, Migranes, Period Pains,Toothaches ,Earaches and Also If you Poor It On cuts It helps Them Heal.=]

it didn't work for me Comments By: Rupali on 2008-02-05
no releif, no improvement at all
AHHHHH! Comments By: Kurt on 2008-02-18
Now my heads hurting!
wt?!?!?! Comments By: katter on 2008-02-21
hahahahahhhaha!!! I was like what?!?!?!
I thought I'd try it though then I read the comments and I was like "oh" stupid...but I'm rating with a 4 cuz it made my day by making me laugh! :]

Little Improvement Comments By: Marissa on 2008-03-12
A tiny bit of improvement but not quite enough.
It did do something Comments By: Tony on 2008-03-19
It worked very little but something is better then nothing I am dying here!
Thank You and Goodnight Comments By: Deena on 2008-03-20
It is 2 am and I have tried apple cider vinegar, gargling with salt water and lemon and honey in hot water. I was still in pain. So glad I searched the internet and found this. I'm not 100% but at least I can fall asleep now!
codswallop Comments By: da n on 2008-04-16
i dislocated my thumb so i couldnt get the top off my sore throat medicine...bah what a load of codswallop
It works Comments By: Trycepticla on 2008-05-12
It worked for me! I think it was the right bone, but maybe not, but never the less it worked! I jsut think that people are not rubbing the right bone. it is the one at the base of your thumb, on the inner side, next to your pointer or, as some people say, index finger. Try it, it worked!
what?!?! Comments By: Rose on 2008-05-13
I tried this, cause my throat is v.v. sore! But... it didn't work !!! To begin with I thought it was actually easing off, i was like WOW :):)
Then... I think it was just in my head cause I still have a v.v. sore throat :(
Anymore helpful sore throat remedies that actually work ????

WOW!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-18
Very strange remedy but it rilly did work.

I feel relief.... I hope it lasts for a long time though

wow Comments By: MisS pOLLY on 2008-05-16
it actually works, thanks. i can swallow now
You all are stupid Comments By: Manhatten on 2008-06-16
I cant even find my small bone. I mean what happened to taking medicine. Take Ibuprofen, doctors recommend it as the best pain reliever. It helps a lot just make sure ur taking as many as you need to and not less so it will work but it is amazing i can a ctually open my mouth ans swallow now. So now i can drink cold drinks to soothe it. Medicine is your best bet
that's gotta be some mind trick Comments By: Jordan on 2008-06-27
because I've never had something so unrelated to my symptoms work so well. I had tea this morning and that did absolutely nothing, but this treatment has almost dissiapted my sore throat. thank you. it's been a couple of minutes and it doesn't seem to be getting as worse as it was. thank you so much
Got it!! Comments By: Tango on 2008-06-27
I was swallowing through mouth continuously because of bad throat when I did this I stopped for a while.
I think that made me feel better.

Bloody hell it works Comments By: harri on 2008-07-16
5 mins though ish, but i worked
Haha, noooooooo! Comments By: Ihaveasorethroatdamnit on 2008-07-26
It's a complete waste of time my sore throat got worse when I did that!! Don't bother with it, it's a waste of time guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worked like a miracle Comments By: Bonnie on 2008-09-04
Helped me very much. Try it
KrazyKomments Comments By: Ice on 2008-09-04
What is worse than how many people have posted that this worked for them is how many comments this thread has generated period. If you feel this helped your throat, you may have experienced brain damage during the rubbing of that bone. Oh and that bone is pretty interesting. You should google a picture of it so you know the name of it and exactly where it is, or isn't.... :-)
yeah and then.. Comments By: Seth on 2008-09-23
rub your left ear lobe on the third sunday of the month of the full moon whilst holding a goldfish between your right big toe and right little toe while abba plays gimme gimme gimme, at five to twelve, then breakdance to dirty dancings time of my life, eat a cucumber through your nose and wave your underewear at the vicar!
what kind of tool would suggest this and what kind of tool would try it??!!

bone Comments By: ali on 2008-09-26
what bone?
Very relaxing Comments By: Shouldnt have snogged that girl on 2008-10-21
I think it has helped although I was laughing at the other comments on here while I tried it hehe I feel more relaxed now and ready for sleep
exactly Comments By: gorm on 2008-10-21
I can't find the bone for the life of me either! I've tried 'til i'm blue in the face but no joy...Think i'll stick to the good old hot ribena and manuka honey. Hope you all get better soon x
It does work...as a temporary measure Comments By: Sindy72 on 2008-11-07
I tried it, thought it couldn't possibly work. But within a minute or so my throat felt better. It didn't cure it, but it certainly helped me to swallow for a while without feeling like I was eating broken glass! Very impressed!
Hi, I don't know that it's a bone per se.. Comments By: melissa on 2008-11-13
If you put your thumb up against your pointer finger you should see a fold of flesh form in the middle, where the fold meets and there is a raised peak is a good place to press/massage for sore throat pain as well as headache pain. Hope this helps someone out there.. I've also been told to massage an area just under the clavical to relieve cough, if the area is sore at first, keep massaging it.
brill Comments By: steve on 2008-11-15
i tried this and it did work the sore throat did sooth for about 30 minutes but i kept doing it, this is amazing
Wow. Comments By: Josh on 2008-11-29
That's really impressive. It actually worked and now I'm not choking on snot. Thank you!
work for me Comments By: ginger on 2008-11-30
I tried it and it worked. It did easi the pain. I will keep doing it to see if makes it go away for good
rubbish Comments By: pinky on 2008-12-10
only reason ppl think this works is cos its takin there mind off it for a bit. Its useless
OMG that is weird!! Comments By: Georgia on 2008-12-12
It's strange, but it did improve my sore throat!
there's something in this Comments By: makar on 2009-01-28
It seems to work a little for helping the symptons. When your throat is sore, you can really feel the bone in you thumb because it seems to be more tender, so there must be some kind of connection
WTH Comments By: Abbey on 2009-01-19
What the hell??
Who came up with this rubbish seriously.

can't hurt Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-21
This is a well known acupressure point used for migraines and such. It doesn't surprise me that it would also help other pains. BTW the name of the bone is the trapezium.
Very salty Comments By: G Byrne on 2009-02-10
made up 'sore throat ' recpie ie Ginger.lemon.sugar(used honey)and salt
It proved very salty...so put more honey in ..better...think I will leave out the salt..unless its an essential part of cure !!!!!

nope! Comments By: rete on 2009-02-19
its just a placebo effect, it has no help it just takes your mind off what hurts or wwaht you cant stop thinking about, i mean come on im 15 and i know that.
Well... Ermm... kinda Comments By: Elizabeth on 2009-03-16
It worked whilst I was doing it but then i stared coughing again like 2 mins laters. I like the idea though. :)
typical Comments By: josh on 2009-04-07
the world has moved on.. Indians still think that touching your ear will relieve back pain..(its a lie).
how about you go to the shop/supermarket and buy a packet of locketsor some Beechams throat syrup.

THIS IS TOTAL RUBBISH!!! Comments By: hayley on 2009-04-12
This doesn't work at all. It made my thorat worse. Please don't waste your time on this stupid trick.
Psychological Comments By: StP on 2009-04-18
Its completely psychological which is partially good. Like most medicines, their effect is psychological rather than physical. It does work if you rub your thumb but this is only because the mind is taken away from the pain.. I would bet if you were to do something you really enjoy now like playing football or basketball or whatever.. it would have the same effect.
Ooo Comments By: Sore throat girl on 2009-05-04
It does seem to work! Very interesting!
It worked! Comments By: Diana on 2009-05-10
There is a considerable improvement. However, the tricky part is to find the 'bone'.
haha it kinda works! Comments By: LukeT on 2009-06-24
try it
What fun, but balderdash as well. Throat so sore, but manuka honey with ginger and lemon in hot water shd help.
actually worked! Comments By: Anon. on 2009-09-22
this didn't get rid of my sore throat completely, but CERTAINLY made it better!!
Worked a bit Comments By: katie on 2009-09-22
worked a bit still sore haha.
???? Comments By: Zoey on 2009-10-03
I have no idea what bone ur talking about and how would that even help???!!!!
Load of craap Comments By: Charlotte on 2009-10-20
this was obvo some kind of pathetic person with no life writing that up to be cool. it didn't work i cnt believe i tried..., well sad sad people rle and my throat still hurts.

Hot ribena is very nice on a sore throat
also lemon juice honey and water can be soothing not rubbing your bones :L wot a joke :)

hi mum x

It worked Comments By: Em on 2009-11-15
Wow it worked how strange could feel the tension in my throat loosening, now wondering if it was caused through a lot of writing completed this week????? Thanks
Worked for me Comments By: Tim on 2009-11-26
Fully expecting this not to work, I'm ultra critical of this sort of stuff but oddly it seemed to work within about 30sec

FYI I was rubbing the lower part of my thumb almost in line with the index finger join (couldn't really find a small bone to speak of)

alright (Y) Comments By: anonymous on 2009-12-01
hasnt been 2 minutes quite yet but it works quite well so far !
Cool Comments By: Paige on 2009-12-03
It works a wee bit but not much and only for 2mins anyway. P.S. where's your small bone
strange enough Comments By: Jess K on 2009-12-06
This actually worked enough for the massive pain to stop...
Its all about the pressure points.. Comments By: MishaB on 2009-12-07
It worked well for me - not curing my sore throat but temporarily relieving the symptoms. All you skeptical people - its just like reflexology - there are several pressure points in your hands and feet that link to other parts of your body, which is why this works
strange Comments By: Seannnnnnnnny on 2010-02-01
but i like things like this! :D
It worked a bit Comments By: pheobe on 2010-02-08
it worked but about only for about 10 seconds then my thumbs just got sore. A bit of lemon, some honey and warm water works really well.
Doesn't really work. Comments By: Anonymous on 2010-03-05
First of all, I could only find the bone in my right hand. So when I found the bone,(well it is really called the 'trapezium'),I rubbed it for 4-6 minutes and I sort of forgot about my throat. But I then tried to bite a tuna sandwich and it was extremely hard to swallow. But an easier way for it to work is to boil 500ml water and allow it to cool for 20-35 minutes. Then add 1-2tsp of salt. Take a gulp, and gargle for 10-20 seconds. Repeat for however long until the pain begins to ease.
woooooooooooow!!!! Comments By: tesh on 2010-03-09
what a load of turd. Only rated it 5 star coz it made me laff so much although ive still got a bad throat XD
WORKED!! Comments By: sharon on 2010-03-27
Really helped thanks
INNER BONE!! Comments By: Ashley on 2010-05-06
I didnt feel a inner bone!
WOW Comments By: kieran on 2010-05-15
Really did work, took the pain away, for about 10 minutes, not bad
WHAT? Comments By: Argagaga on 2010-05-19
It actually worked.
Somewhat o_o

Kain Comments By: kain on 2010-05-22
woke up this morning with a killer sore throat and thanks to this i can go back to bed =]
Worked for me.. Comments By: RB on 2010-06-07
This actually does relieve the pain, weirdly!

Quietly impressed!

It ACTUALLY worked Comments By: Mike on 2010-07-07
No idea how, but it got rid of my sore throat completely. Truly amazed.
Accupressure Comments By: Hazul on 2010-07-05
The throat is located in this area on the hand map of the body. This eased my throat pain but I would suggest other things to get of a bacterial infection. Great if you do have access to any medications :)
too subtle for small minds Comments By: Tim on 2010-07-23
Spiritual remedy to move your consciousness away from the area and relax the mind into a better state....
wasted on some of the morons on here!

sucks Comments By: fraser on 2010-07-27
it didnt work wat so ever dont try it!!!!!!!!
Sometimes you need to know what you're doing.... Comments By: Mama on 2010-08-03
It's called acupressure, and it does work if you know how to do it right.
Does work. Comments By: Austin on 2010-08-24
Worked for me immediately. Agree with the other poster, alas this tip is wasted on a lot of idiots, who clearly haven't done it properly.
Didn't work! Comments By: Emma on 2010-09-07
I couldn't even find the bone, try using you skills more to describe where the bone is!
this worked wonders!!! thanks soooo much!!! Comments By: mikk on 2010-09-16
did this for around 40-50 secs on both hands and withing a minute i could swallow without my throat burning/sore.

the only down side of this is this remedy lasts for a few mins and i had to re-do the "little bone" rubbing

hard to find Comments By: hard to find on 2010-10-19
but i did find it and it did help.. 3:30 am and i can finaly try to get some sleep.. oh by the way i,m a driving instructor, just incase anyone thinks i,m some kind of nutter. lol
weird - but worked in short term Comments By: k8 on 2010-12-11
it did strangely work.... but it still hurt a bit and it came back later :\
Pants Comments By: Donna on 2010-12-16
what small bone?? only felt tendons. there is no small bone there. gonna try something else. :-(
It worked for me...not sure how long for though Comments By: H on 2010-12-19
Can actually swallow now without feeling like eating razor blades!!!
:)! Comments By: .lijkj on 2011-01-18
i thought it worked, for abit any way, but still, abits better than nothing :')
just drink hot choclate Comments By: Gisel on 2011-02-04
just drink hot choclate it dosnt heel it completly but it helps a little(:
Was this posted on Aprils fool day? Comments By: mr x on 2011-02-17
The silliest thing I have ever heard... no connection to the throat in anyway...
amazingly it worked for me! Comments By: bizzilizzi on 2011-03-09
I had for days throat like razor blades or broken glass at both sides, did this 'exercise' twice, and I can now swallow without pain.... acupuncture pressure point or what?!
amazingly it worked for me! Comments By: bizzilizzi on 2011-03-09
I had for days throat like razor blades or broken glass at both sides, did this 'exercise' twice, and I can now swallow without pain.... acupuncture pressure point or what?!
Crap Comments By: Dr.brown on 2011-03-29
This is a digrace i am doctor and this is doesn't work
omg who thought of this Comments By: feeling better on 2011-04-02
Lol its may seem crazy to most people but hey it work temporarily no lie.
????? Comments By: Spazum on 2011-07-10
I tried this and it dose work a bit but if you r going for a long turn affect drink milk and hunny before and after

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