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Curing stubborn hiccup

Submitted by Bobby

Get a glass of water, take a deep breath and hold your nose, then drink the water for 10 sip.

Keep holding after you finished drinking untill you cannot hold anymore then release slowlythe tip is 99% work ( scientific proven )

Visitors comments

complete stop after trying this method Comments By: kenneth on 2005-05-23
My 12 hours non stop hiccup stopped almost immediately after trying this method.many thanks for sharing the cure.
worked Comments By: John on 2005-04-29
It worked, what is ten sip? thanks!
Hiccups no more! Comments By: Archie on 2005-07-24
After trying several remedies, this one was the only one that worked.... I recommend it to anyone
Thank Goodness Comments By: Susan Olson on 2005-07-28
Just tried this after other suggestions and worked right away!!!!!!!Thanks
Awesome! Comments By: sam on 2005-08-02
I hate hiccups! And it takes me forvere to get rid of them. But, i tried what you said and worked right away.
relief Comments By: KEVIN A.FORD on 2005-08-07
can't believe!!!! Comments By: laura on 2005-09-17
My boyfriend had throat surgery and had the worst hicups following his return home from hospital. It was CONSTANT hicupping for TRHEE Days - he just tried your suggestions and they have stopped - maybe i can get some rest-finally. thanks
SWEET! Comments By: Calvin on 2005-09-22
This is THE ONLY tip on this site that worked for my stubborn hiccups. All the others are just nonsense. This tip, however, seems to be based on a bit if tried-and-true methodism, although I think the author is not too familiar with the english language. At any rate, LOOK NO FURTHER than this tip.
HOLY .......IT WORKED! Comments By: Danny on 2005-10-31
This it just not possible. It was that simple...and I've been fightin hicups for 2 days. WOW! KUDOS!!!!and a cookie.THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 days of Hic Ups Gone!! Comments By: Bob on 2005-11-22
It worked! I don't want to be negative..I have tried many of these cures...The Penut butter, the sugar, and another glass of water trick all stopped them for a Short time!...I am hoping and trusting that this will last!..it worked a.s.a.p..I have felt deperate to get rid of these!! Thanks..!

thanks Comments By: josh on 2005-12-21
very good tip, had no idea this would work, and i was a bit skeptical. thank you
I was doubter - but it worked! Comments By: Anne S. on 2005-12-26
I REALLY hate the hicups. They make me cranky and irritable. I usually try some method of water drinkng, or the spponful of sugar, one of which typically works. But tonight nothing was working. I decided to go online to see what I could find out. . . I tried the nose-holding, 10-sip drinking, and not another hicup. yeah!
great Comments By: kelli on 2006-01-06
i hardly never get them and tried this. It really works.
It's wonderful Comments By: Cathy on 2006-01-25
I did this without taking a deep breath and it didn't work. Next read it again and took the deep breath, plus closed my ears with my nose, walla, hicups gone! My husband saw me doing this and said," No wonder I call you Wacky Cathy."
Thank you!! Comments By: Daniel on 2006-01-26
It was great, like discovering the cure for cancer.
Simply unbelievable Comments By: Anon on 2006-03-03
Had them for hrs, could not sleep, drank all water I could - no results. Then decided to visit the web in desperation - google then this. Its amazing how fast and effective this is - I'm finally off to bed @ 2.30 am with zero hiccups - simply unbelievable!
God Bless You Comments By: Joe Yeutter on 2006-03-19
Thank you so much, when I get the hic-ups it is for days. this remedy was, I thgouht kind of difficult to do but it is totally worth it because it worked right away. thanks again
thanks Comments By: big g on 2006-04-14
your brillant worked a treat thanks
Excellent Comments By: Mand on 2006-06-04
I really hate hicups! This method worked within about 10 seconds! Thank you very much for sharing the method with everyone.
It worked thank goodness. Comments By: Andrew on 2006-06-12
I did try the following tip:
ake a glass of water, now say, "hicups I have got" take a good
size sip (not a gulp) of water now say "hicups I don't want"
another sip and say "hicups go away" another sip and say
"hicups gone" It worked but then they came back again. Hopfully with this new tip they will stay gone.

relief from hiccup Comments By: usharani kumar on 2006-06-26
it worked 100%,thanks a lot..
It works for me ! Awesome Comments By: jimmy on 2006-06-29
I had hicups for 3 hours already and I hated it! I went on line to get some tips on how to cure it and this method works really good for me! Thank You! Mabuhay!
HICUPS Comments By: Jon on 2006-09-06
Tried your emedy, my brother had hic ups continually for three days it stopped then again for 4 hours - tried several remedies BUT THIS ONE WORKS!!! Very many thanks I would willing recommend this one to anyone! Well Done!
the only possible cure Comments By: EddyZarr on 2006-11-05
my hicups lasted 4 entire days i went to doctors tried everything else I mean everything over and over this worked in seconds
hiccups Comments By: GUY JOPHNSON on 2006-11-06
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you the god damn man Comments By: robby on 2007-01-24
worked like a charm
thx god Comments By: Mark on 2007-07-28
10 hours straight, i felt i was going insane. It worked at once. _o_ thank you sooo much.
Relief at last Comments By: Bill on 2007-08-23
Two days and nights of hiccups are now gone.
OMG!......THX Comments By: Rasta Mami on 2007-10-03


Thanks Comments By: Fredo on 2007-10-30
I tried one of the earlier tips. I got no results. The match (sulfur) thing was my last resort. This one really works. Thanks
It Works! Comments By: Greg & Kim on 2008-01-12
This really works!
IT REALLY DOES WORK! Comments By: Ian on 2008-03-27
I had tried several of the tips higher up on the list, and none of them had offered any hope. But this WORKED and STRAIGHT away. WOW! I'm very impressed. My guess would be that swallowing the with the pinched nose means the tube leading into the lungs is blocked, leading to the diaphram getting 'reset'
Best remedy on here!! Comments By: Candice on 2008-05-04
Just tried this tip and it worked right away! Now I can go to sleep! Thanks!!
THANK GOODNESS Comments By: Tanya Kimotek on 2008-05-11
it is twelve thirty am and i have had the hiccups since eleven this morning! i tried every thing you could possably imagine. until i decided to go on the internet, i was desprate! i found this little trick. and they were gone right after! i will defenatley pass this on to others! thanks.
Not for me. Comments By: Dee on 2008-05-21
Well the old tried and true didn't work for me. On to the next remedy!
THANKS A LOT Comments By: avinash on 2008-07-15
thnx a lot, i was having this prob frm past two dayz, jus tried this once n it worked rit away! its jus m wondering wat was the reason, y this thing hapnd. is it due to any deficiency or nything like dat....plz le me knw....n thnx a lot for the tip
Hic-up blues Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-20
I absolutely hate hic-ups and I count the seconds there is when I don't hic-up, but there ain't many seconds. Thank God for the person who gave the idea to this site. It totally worked. EAT CHEESE NOT CHICKEN. did u eat ur cheese today, i did. GOSH!!!!!!!!
appreciate your idea Comments By: venkat on 2008-07-24
worked really well
FINALLY-found one that works Comments By: Kate/Sarah97034 on 2008-08-07
It works... we tried four or five before we found this one and NONE of them worked!!! Yay my hiccups are gone! Yipee!!!
Thank you for sharing this tip! Comments By: Grateful Reader on 2008-11-12
This worked immediately. Thanks so much.
Amazing!!! Comments By: Taran on 2008-11-12
After 24 hrs of hic ups I was at a saturation point to puke, I tried other cures but this one works on the spot i got relieved straight away.


Worked instantly Comments By: Paul on 2008-12-02
Had them all day,soon as I took 10 sips -gone. Wow thanks
sorry Comments By: liv on 2009-03-19
didn't work...
OMG Comments By: Will on 2009-03-24
I don't belive it, my hiccups have gone whilst i was reading the cure that you wrote obviously a coinsidence but that was so cool thanks enyway
excellent!! Comments By: demetris k on 2009-07-05
at last, this actually works, just make sure to close ur nose!
oh my days it works! Comments By: cassius on 2010-02-05
iv had the god daMN hiccups for 2 days and i just tried this cure, it works try it.
THX Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-19
I did it and it worked!!
IT WORKED Comments By: Dan on 2011-02-20
Its been about 24 hours since i have hiccuping and this worked! Thanks

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