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Lemon juice to straighten your hair

Submitted by Beautifully Blonde

I have natural really tight ringlets in my hair...it must have taken me forever to figure out how to do this. The night before squeeze the juice from a lemon in your hair after you are done washing your hair tie back in a low ponytail and sleep on it.

When you wake up take a large comb(the biggest one you have) and straighten as best as you can with it...after this take any straightening iron and finish up...then i spray it with pantene proV straightning spray.....Its so straight and sooooo soft

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Bleach Comments By: anon on 2005-01-19
Lemon acids could bleach your hair!!!
hmm...i dont know about that Comments By: j u l i e on 2005-07-09
the lemon acids do bleach your hair...i've done it before. Just being in the sun for a short while will bleach your hair...
IT DOESNT BLEACH Comments By: Raiel on 2007-01-18
Lemon juice doesn't bleach your hair.It brings the natural highlights in your out more by stripping your hair of the oils,and then goin into the sum WITH the lemon juice still in your hair that makes it work better.but make sure to rinse it out.
IM CONFUSED!!! Comments By: Tanaya on 2007-11-01
Okay well i did this the other night
and i wook up and really didnt know if i was to rinse it out or not..

attention Comments By: sunita on 2008-01-15
Seek professionals help!
Don't follow whatever peoples here post, not everyone here is a trained hairdresser. Professionals deal with peoples with different hair types plus they have studied different kinds of hair during their training sessions whereas the peoples who post tips here have only dealt with their hair. So, I suggest you to go to a professional.


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