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COLD SORE GONE withen 24 hours, no joke!

Submitted by cowboy

Alright I came on this site looking for remedies for a nasty cold sore that I developed last night. So I took all into consideration and here's how I got rid of my multiple cold sores overnight.

First I popped the sores using a sterile needle and then got nail polish remover and put some on a cotton swab and held it on the sores for about 20-30 minutes and repeated that many times. While doing that I made a little potion by mixing peroxide in a cup and adding salt and crushed aspirin very finely and adding the aspirin to the peroxide and salt. Then after stirring I let it sit for a while. 

Right before bed I took the "potion" and applied it to my sores not rinsing off and letting dry to my lips went to bed on that and my cold sores were gone when I woke. The next morning I put on neosporin for the scabs and my cold sore was gone within 24 hours. also Ice during every part of having a cold sores kills the virus.

Visitors comments

A Little harsh Comments By: Colleen on 2005-01-23
Seems like this tip is a little harsh. I wouldn't use it at all!!
dont be weak Comments By: irene on 2005-02-20
this is for sure not for the weak because it burns at times bu amazingly this is the best way I have found yet and Im 33 and have been fighting cold sores for near 20 years. so if you dont want this cold sore you have when you wake up then a would try this.

thanx cowboy

the burn Comments By: Ali on 2006-03-27
I'm actually trying this as we speak. being a poor college students doesn't allow me to pay for those expensive creams. About the nail polish remover though, the burn isn't that bad. Suck it up if you think it will be worth it.
Scared to try it! Comments By: Brittney on 2007-05-01
Today I feel TWO evil cold sores approaching. I get about one a year and usually try Abreva or Novitra, both HELP but do not make the sore disappear. However for some reason I am deathly afraid to put fingernail polish on the sores. I guess I need more proof that this works before I'll try it. Seems like it would irritate the sore further and make it worse.
Burns so good Comments By: Krissy on 2007-06-12
Well I thought this was crazy but I willing to do anything to get rid of this nasty sore. It relly works but it relllly hurts.
Only if you can withsatand BURNING! Comments By: anon on 2007-07-08
works but burns like hell
part way through the process Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-06
I find you don't have to pop the blister. That seemed a little scary to me. I was also afraid of the burning, but I was so desperate I started with q-tipping Peroxcide on my lip. It didn't burn. So I got a little braver and went for the nail polish remover. It didn't burn either but it did create a small opening in my blister on its own and it immediately drained. I had a huge fluid-filled blister on my lip and looked scary. Now that the blister is deflated I'm going to keep using the nail remover and do the peroxicide salt aspirin mix tonight. This fingernail polish remover thing is wonderful. God I wish I knew about this sooner!
Because of all the idiot advice I've followed on sites like these, I have the worst fever blister I've ever had. When I felt the tingling, I'd read to cut a clove of garlic and rub it on your lips. The next morning I had the biggest blister I'd ever had when this was the supposed magic trick to prevent them. All the garlic did I think was aggravate and accerlate the fever blister. Then I came to this site. I put fingernail polish remover on my blister for 20-30 minutes. Two more fever blisters began developing although the remover did take the liquid out of the first one. It burned and it hurt. Guess what? Pain is not an indication you are doing something good. Again all the acetone did was aggravate the blister causing my lip to swell up terribly. This has never happened before. Last night I was desperate. I ordered Acyclovir off www.myprescriptionpharmacy.com for $92 including shipping with no prescription. I pray they are legit and send the medication that I ordered. I did the aspirin-peroxide-salt mix. Again, the salt burned. Today my lip is terribly swollen. The fever blister did not go away in 24 hours. In fact, it's worse because the swelling is so extreme and the new ones that came look very irritated and angry. I pray I do not get an infection. I don't know what the solution is to fever blisters. I think it's in taking lysine regularly for prevention and maybe prescription medication, but once they come I think you just have to ride it out. All this other stuff just makes it worse.
It Works! Comments By: Theresa on 2007-12-10
I just got 2 cold sores last night and I was able to catch it early. At first i just used abreva and carmex but that wasn't good enough for me. So i went online to see about other ways to get rid of this crap on my lip, i found that if you use salt and/or fingernail polish remover REALLY WORKS! It dose burn but it seems to be working. TRY IT!
Feel The Heat! Comments By: Kate on 2007-12-30
This is a great TIP! I love it! Thankyou I'm 16 and i was soooo afraid to see my boyfriend especially considering it's New Years and showin up with this grosse thing on my mouth! Thankyou! I tried the nail polish remover and felt the heat of the sting and immediately it started going down. :)

Popping blister makes it worse Comments By: Blister sufferer on 2008-01-08
Having suffered with blisters for over 40 years, I've tried most every remedy. The salt and peroxide sometimes helps by drying up the site but stings badly. My doctor advised against popping blisters because the liquid is highly contagious and will spread/create more blisters whereever it touches your lips! This is why you see more pop up after popping! BTW it can create problems elsewhere too if you get my meaning. Of all the remedies I've tried, Campho Phenique is still the best... numbs the hurt and helps to heal.
AHHH! Comments By: joy on 2008-02-05
o god its burning bad lol thnx tho
be very careful Comments By: hatethesethings on 2008-02-16
this is a good way to get rid of your cold sores if they are new...but when you pop the blisters make sure you are VERY carful not to get the pus on n e other part of your lips because u will see within an hour or so anouther blister forming
owww =/ Comments By: anon on 2008-02-19
im using the nail polish tip right now. i have 2 cold sores on my upper lip. this stings like crazyy =/ i used non-diluted nailpolish. i really hope this works.
I think it's all bullsh*t Comments By: Nathan on 2008-02-29
None of these home remedies work for me, I have tried hand sanitizer, scented and non-scented, bleach, rubbing alcohol, Lysine, neosporin, blah blah blah. I have a huge swollen lip now from all the harsh crap. And the sore is no smaller now.

I am using Abreva now, and that seems to feel like it might be doing something positive. Lysine sounds chemically sound to help prevent them but I started that too late.

I think the best way to deal with them is to not obsess, I doubt the extra stress that causes helps.

Look at how many other people get them, sure it's ugly but it'll go away.

hmmm Comments By: jess on 2008-03-03
i am going to try it, i just woke up this morning and i have the blisters now so i didnt really even get to have the tinglingy warning stage!! so here goes nothing

didn't pop them Comments By: HELP on 2008-03-20
I don't know what happened but the blisters spread down my lip, onto my face. I know not to pop the blister cause they will spread, worse. Instead I put a HOT wet rag on them for about 3-4 mins. The heat opens pores and then I treated.
PLEASE WORK!! Comments By: COURTNEY on 2008-04-05
This cold sore is one of the worst ever. I've been holding the nailpolish remover the my cold sore and it seems to be working. I'M not sure though but it burns well c after i try the paste
I've used nail polish for years! Comments By: -sw- on 2008-04-09
I'm a nurse and I keep it in my locker at work for just that reason. As soon as I notice a tingle or bump I hold a qtip soaked in nail polish on the spot for a few minutes and repeat as often as humanly possible. It dries it out and decreases the bump if you catch it early enough. Overnight I use Arm & Hammer peroxicare toothpaste. The worst time is when you shower or get any moisture on the lesion... it takes off at that point, doubling in size and severity! I try not to get a cs wet AT ALL -even if that means no shower for a day or two.

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