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Silky Shiny Hair using beer

Submitted by KD

Take half a can of beer and after shampooing rince your hair in beer. Let sit for a few minutes then rinse out. I know it sounds silly but I promise you it works. You will be left with silky shiny hair!

Visitors comments

put conditioner? Comments By: Junita on 2005-04-30
rinse out then what next? put conditoner?

TipKing says: I do not think that the treatment calls for conditioner. The beer is the conditioner

would it help Comments By: jenny myers on 2005-05-01
would it help even more if you have super dry hair to go ahead and use conditioner also?

TipKing says: Try it first without and see what results you get. If not satisfactory then use conditioner

Your hair will really shine! Comments By: Diana on 2005-09-29
Back in my teenage years my mom used beer on my hair. My hair was wavy with some curls here and there. We wanted to smooth out the frizzies. This is how we did it. A lot of work but good to do for a prom, other special event, etc. Wash your hair as usual. Do not skip conditioner. Rinse hair with cold tap water. Wrap a towel to absorb the excess water. Get a can of beer and rinse your hair with it. (I bet you if it is cold from the fridge even better). Use rollers all over your hair. Not the velcro kind, the smooth kind. Let it dry naturally. Then take off all the rollers, do the "doobie doobie" on your hair. That's when you put a large roller on the crown on your hair and wrap your hair all the way around your head in one direction. To start smooth out hair with a brush that has many bristles while brushing over on the scalp. Pin it, and keep going all the way around while maintaing your hair flat and straight on the head. Put on a bandana tight enough around the head and go to bed. The next morning or a few hours later, take off all the bobby pins (large ones). Your hair will be so shiny! Brush the hair the way you want it. You could probably add some curls here and there for interest with a curly iron. With my type of hair I ended up with smooth, shiny, bouncy hair with volume because of the rollers. You will get a lot of looks! Tip: While adding rollers, dip a comb in beer to rewet the part you are rolling. Oh yeah, don't worry, the smell of beer dissipates. Please let me know your feedback on this if you do it. Enjoy!
smelllll??? Comments By: lil kangski on 2008-02-12
does it smell....of alchol hair orr does the smell go awayy magically ??
it doesnt work Comments By: star on 2009-01-12
my aunt is a hair stylist. it doesnt work. its only a temp thing. and only certian beers work. beers without all the chemicals and such.

it doesnt work.

just switch up your shampoos every other week. thats better for your hair.

It works. Comments By: Chloe on 2009-09-06
Rinsed my hair with beer (after shampooing and conditioning as normal) and it left it super shiny.

star, just because your aunts a hair stylist doesn't mean she knows it won't work for everyone. Why are some people so opposed to using natural remedies, it's like we think that we HAVE to spend money to get results... we don't.
Nobody said anything about it being a permanent fix either. Of course it's temporary, as is every hair, skin and beauty product on the market. It's all about mantainence and continuously looking after the hair.

Also, don't talk to me chemicals.. have you looked at the ingredient list on a shampoo/conditioner bottle? It's incomparable to beer. Beer is far less harsh on the skin, hair and body in general than anything produced in a lab and labelled as a beauty product.

Easy does it! Comments By: S-Jx on 2009-09-10
Well, my Mum was a hairdresser/stylist for 50 years and she knows all the tricks in the trade. She's a huge advocate of all the healthy, cheap and quick alternatives of which there are many and some are very easy and others are hugely messy - but it's very much what works for you! She's helped me and friends with all sorts from dandruff to headlice, alopecia and more. All the shampoos and conditioners and other products these days are just adding to the build up of chemicals both absorbed by the skin and into the atmosphere! And yeah - I've used the beer thing (and the mayonnaise too) - they both work incredibly effectively - though it's a short fix! Cinderella eat ya heart out!
BEEER Comments By: jasmine on 2009-09-10
it was fantastic totally loved it - i think we should stop using shampoo and use BEER its the way forward!!
I read you need to boil the beer first. Comments By: Randi on 2009-09-17
I just read that if you don't boil the beer first you will "bleach" your hair. Has anyone had that happened?
flat or straight up Comments By: haley on 2009-12-21
does the beer need to be flat?

TipKing says: I do not think that it matters, either will do.

?????? Comments By: somzi on 2010-06-16
i do have splits n also dry hairs does beer work for my hairs...
Beer and Vodka Comments By: Tanima Sinha on 2011-01-01
We really can use beer to rinse hair to add shine. If you want to add body to your hair, try beer. Wash your hair as usual, then pour the beer onto the hair and massage it in. Leave it on for a few minutes then rinse it off. You’ll find that your hair has more body and will hold a style longer. Use a full-bodied beer for this purpose, not a light beer.

But Vodka is also very useful in this regard.We can add 1 ounce of vodka with our shampoo. It also gives instant shine.

Can you rinse with beer too often? Comments By: Dana T on 2011-01-12
I have gotten to the point where I rinse my hair with beer everyday. It is amazing how much of a difference it makes. I LOVE it!! I have thin, straight, dull lifeless hair and just rinsing it in beer makes it look completely different and beautiful. So my question is, is there any detriment in using this every day?
It's awasome Comments By: Kyo on 2011-02-04
I do daily hair wash beer it's good for my hair and shine too
Beer Comments By: Priya arora on 2011-03-11
i hav done lots of experiments ... i m rid of it
they r dull lifeless what to do ... oh god give me some suggestion & a proper procedure to follow it
& what this beer thing .. how to do it ,please explain it widely

what to do & this beer thing ? Comments By: Priya arora on 2011-03-11
i hav done lots of experiments ... i m rid of it
they r dull lifeless what to do ... oh god give me some suggestion & a proper procedure to follow it
& what this beer thing .. how to do it ,please explain it widely

busing beer with coloured hair Comments By: charlye on 2011-03-25
Am going to try this beer conditioning, so hoing it work my hair is so dryyyy. will it take any ore colour out with my coloured hair? i used olive oil once and it stripped most of the dye out :(

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