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First impressions last

I know that they should not do but it is a fact that first impressions last. So always try to look your best whenever you are going to meet someone new. It will pay off in the end.

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Shallow Comments By: Anon on 2006-07-20
People are more likely to remember a good personality than a nice hair style. That comment is rather shallow. If you want people to remember you materially than you worry about that. If you want people to remember you for the genuine person you are, be yourself. Looks do not matter.
I completely agree .. Comments By: [K]ate...x on 2007-01-23
No .. you're right. It's not good that they do, but it's a fact .. you would be more likely to approach a person if they looked clean, tidy and well groomed, than if they were smelly, dirty and bad dressed. It's common sense, really! x
Appearance can make the difference Comments By: Darlene M. Hicks on 2009-12-27
If you are looking your best, it gives you confidence to handle any situation with confidence. It is as important as a firm handshake, and your smile.

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