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Sexier cleavage. Tips for a Sexier cleavage with makeup

Submitted by honey

If you want sexier cleavage, you'll need a bronze or brown eyeshadow or powder and a black makeup brush, preferably the size you use for blush. 

Dab some powder or eyeshadow on it, then dab some on your chest for nicer cleavage, you can also put some white eyeshadow down in the middle of your chest. Hope this gives you a nicer cleavage!

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how Comments By: glamour girl on 2006-05-02
may i ask how on earth would tht make it look bigger

TipKing says: The tip does not mention making a cleavage bigger, just a way of highlighting the highs from the lows

WELL ACTUALLY.... Comments By: skittlez on 2010-02-05
if you put a little bit of bronzer (preferrably a little darker than your tone), between your cleavage and a bit at the top of the cleavage in a Y shape, it gives your cleavage depth and makes them look a little bigger and more luscious. Much like shadowing on your face to make your nose look smaller....same thing except opposite effect. I used to do this before I got ample cleavage. Works well

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