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Vaseline on your hair...Its amazing!

Submitted by Steph

Well as you know vaseline can be used for many different things, make-up, skin... and hair! Do you find after drying or straightening your hair you get split ends that ruin your look and make your hair look frizzy?

Well take a small amount of vaseline and rub it evenly in your hands... then apply it to your hair! And all those horrid frizzy bits dissapear!

Be careful not to apply too much though...otherwise your hair may get greasy and you dont want that!

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what? Comments By: Naz on 2005-04-09
how will you get the vasline out?
won't stuff stick to your hair?

TipKing says: I think the tips is just calling for a little vaseline

no way Comments By: zola on 2005-07-12
vaseline clogs the follicles and your hair gets weighed down if you want something for the ends get a HAIR product without petroleum or mineral oil eg mango butter that will no weigh your hair down
how to get vaseline out Comments By: 12yearoldhairstylist on 2005-10-23
i know there are people out there that have done this, and agreed with me that the writer of this tip needs a good slap in the face for leading us off in the wrong direction. if you put vaseline in your hair, it is extremely hard to get it to come out. so, do not use vaseline in your hair! use a product designed specificly for hair and that will shampoo out!!!! however, if you have already put vaseline in your hair, there is a way. put cornstarch or cornflour in your hair. a lot of cornstarch. put it in and then brush it out. do this many times. shampoo, repeat. it takes a while but it works. flour will also work, but not as well.
Urgh Comments By: Lanie on 2006-01-31
i put vaseline in my hair a few yeras ago because i got told it would help. it took me 4 wahses to get it out. dont use it. and it broke off the ends of my already damaged hair.
worked for me... Comments By: Joe on 2007-05-14
I put vaseline in my hair and it worked better than any product i have ever use. Usually when i put gel, hair spray, or mouse my hair starts coming down on my forhead after i style and it loses its consitensy. Noit with vaseline, my hair looked natural anf feexible (something impossible to achieve with gel). I would like to know if it damages the hair though, but other than that i have no concerns, it worked great.
Wouldn't recommend this!! Comments By: Megan on 2007-11-23
I saw this tip and had to share my story: when I was in 8th grade I wanted shiny, soft hair so I put vaseline on my hair in the shower. It didn't come out.... I washed it a few times and still didn't come out! My mom had to call me in sick to school because my hair was sooo greasy! We called our hairdresser and she told me to wash it out with Dawn dish soap. Dish soap is very drying to your hair but it was the only thing to get it out. I washed it with that and then did a few conditioning treatments to get it back to normal. NEVER AGAIN will I use Vaseline in my hair!
Vaseline and hair type Comments By: DA on 2008-03-13
Vaseline works best on Black hair because its like hair grease.
Ummm Comments By: SheBang on 2009-02-12
I use vaseline for my hair, I have no problem with it! I use it after I take a shower and it gives me a wet look but not in a greasy gelly way. It is actually working for me! I put a little though, not too much on the top or it will not get volume up there! If it's harnful, i don't know! I am careful not to apply it directly to my skull and it's AWSOME.

All in all i think it depends on you hair type!

I have used it... Comments By: ~Mike on 2009-03-03
I have used vaseline on my hair and yes, it made my hair look "greasy" but ive used it many times and have found that a little goes a long way. like anything if you use to much it has a more extreme result. I now use what I consider to be just enough. I also read that it works/looks best in black hair. I agree. I myself have black hair, and quite think hair. Hope that helps!

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I just tried using Vaseline Comments By: dave on 2009-04-18
It works great so far. I've tried gel, but when it dries, it looks like I have dandruff. It takes too long for my hair to naturally get greasy. I can go almost two weeks w/o washing my hair and it will stay puffy. I don't like my hair when it's dry, but when it's wet, it looks great. The vaseline made my hair looks good today, but I wonder how bad is it for me to use. I would buy a product specially for the hair, but it's gotta work like Vaseline.
what vaseline is best for . . . Comments By: MayKay on 2009-05-21
vaseline is best suited for applying to the ends of dark, thick, curly hair =)
wow! Comments By: thatgirl2998 on 2009-06-30
i love vaseline on my hair! it does so good and makes my hair grow. well you see, i put a lot on my hair before i go to bed and when i wake up, it isnt greasy and its much more managable! i think its better than grease!
vaseline on your hair Comments By: Tess on 2009-07-09
I have dark thick curly and frizzy DRY hair. I hate my hair and I have tried very expensive & best products - you named it, I got it. My hair is damaged from too much chemicals & hair dryer. I learnt of vaseline and tried it. I dont use hair dryer. I just put them to my ends and it is be BEST product. My frizz is gone, its not greasy, my curls looks great. And hair feels soft, not like gel with the wet look or feels like rock! If you have my hair go for it!
its not so bad... Comments By: alexandria on 2009-08-22
Hey everyonee,I just put some vaseline in my hair this morning specifically for styling purposes ,and it worked greatt it gave me a wet look but not a greasy one but I was careful not to apply it to my crown only the ends and body of my hair cuz ittl take away my volume

P.s I have egyptian hair. Its really long dark brown thick curly hair.

vasline in hair Comments By: alexandra on 2009-10-04
hi i just experienced vasline4 in both my daughter and my hair it was horrible spent 2 days trying to wash it outlooked on the internet and i tried everything it said from peanut butter dish saop laundry detergent cornstarch none of this worked. My daughter had the lice thats when this happened about the vasline thing but after trying all of this i tried lice shampoo and it was amazing it got evey greesy strand out both me and my daughters hair.
Duuude Comments By: Shawn on 2009-10-11
Man, I use it every single day. I've got longish blond hair that's quite thin, and it works great for styling purposes. I've been using it for quite a while, and I notice no damage. My hair doesn't look greasy at all, either.

Like a couple of people have said, I think it all depends on your hair type/style.

Vaseline as an overnight conditioning treatment Comments By: Pam on 2009-11-09
I usually put almond/coconut/olive oil on my hair before I go to bed on weekends, and shower the next morning. One time I decided to use vaseline (I use it regularly on my eyelashes as a way to moisturize them after removing the mascara) Anyhoo, I rubbed a little bit on my hand to soften it, then massaged it onto my damp hair, concentrated on the ends and damaged parts. Next morning I washed my hair like usual (shampoo + conditioner) and it looked absolutely gorgeous! It was soo shiny, thick and frizz-less. I thought I had find the secret to beautiful hair, so when I did this for the second time I didn't have the same results. Not sure why... Anyhow, I think this would work better for girls with thick/coarse/curly hair since it adds a lotta shine and tames frizz. Just make sure you rub it between your palms before you apply it, oh and use it on damp hair.
wayy x Comments By: ellie on 2009-11-22
Ive just tired this, yerhh i put loads on, took my four washes to get the majority out, driend my hair then sprayed dry shampoo on it to get rid of the excess grease,you cant see my split ends and its really shiny! i hope this looks good by the morning!
pretty good Comments By: dolfie on 2009-12-02
firstly - i dont want to upset anyone but - i dont understand how people could have problems with "not being able to wash it out", i mean, how much are you putting on?? and didnt the person who wrote about vaseline on hair say not too put too much on? ofcourse it will be hard to get out because its used on dry skin, its supposed to keep moisture in, and thats why i wouldnt go slapping a handful on my head without knowing what i was in for.

Im using it on the very ends of my hair because my hair was breaking off in chunks after it was badly burnt and damaged by bleaching it (3 times in 2 days, done myself- so, my fault...) i just rubbed a little into the ends
and well... it feels slightly better, my hair must be getting some moisture out of it, and isnt greasy it all but thats probably because its chemically fried!
maybe ill post here again after a week of doing it.

Most store bought products break my hair Comments By: skeemar on 2009-12-07
I have very dry, fine and damaged hair. Vaseline is the only product that when I apply it does not take out my hair. Need to use it in small amounts. If you have very delicate hair and use large amounts I believe the weight can pull hair out. Use small amounts a few times per week and it should be ok.
Most store bought products break my hair Comments By: skeemar on 2009-12-07
I have very dry, fine and damaged hair. Vaseline is the only product that when I apply it does not take out my hair. Need to use it in small amounts. If you have very delicate hair and use large amounts I believe the weight can pull hair out. Use small amounts a few times per week and it should be ok.
best stuff ever Comments By: meg on 2009-12-24
i only put it on the ends of my hair and my hair doesnt look greasy at all. my hair is very dry on the ends and sometimes gets greasy near my scalp, but the vaseline works great to keep my ends from getting dry.
hrm... Comments By: Carley :) on 2010-01-05
Okayh to start off, I'm fully white... one night i decieded to straighten my think and curly hair. it was really frizzy, and didn't really turn out. I was watching a youtube video saying to put the most ghetto product you can find in, so i used that and no more friz :D It stayed straight all day and night without frizzing up on me... The only downside is that my hair is grasy and don't feel like healthy hair, but its all good.
It works Comments By: Orlando on 2010-01-18
This works just add a little not like a whole hand, just on ur fingers and it works perfect. i just add a little bit on my fingertips and added on the part i straighten
Vaseline is great on hair when used correctly! Comments By: By the beach on 2010-01-20
Vaseline is GREAT for hairstyling, but you have to learn just the right amount to use, and NOT VERY MUCH! It also protects your hair when using a flat-iron, etc. There's no problem with washing it out for stickiness if you use just a small, evenly distributed amount.
it does work if washed out properly Comments By: Emma on 2010-01-28
I was told vaseline encourages hair growth, after getting a haircut and being disappointed with how short it was i used vaseline to help my fringe grow quicker, i washed it like i normally would and my hair went greasy, the next time instead of wetting it first i shampooed it... it came out straight away, since vaseline is a water barrer getting it wet at first is a bad idea, the shampoo will wash most of it out. Then rinse the shampoo with water and repeat like normal. I noticed within a day that my fringe had grown and my hair was so soft. So i do recommend vaseline... but not too much.
I have had no faults using vaseline ..... Comments By: sharon smith on 2010-01-31
Hello there reading on some of your comments I found this really intresting, however i will say this it depends on each indviduels hair type. I have always used vaseline in my hair, and I have had no problems at all. I used some other products on my hair and I must say it broke off my hair line and now I am receeding because of changing my product at the time in my hair. However I am so praying for my hair to grow back at the front and i hope that vaseline will help this also a final word why change your prouduct in the first place if you never had a problem with it..........
Ehhhh... Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-06
I used some vaseline in my hair last night. I washed it, towel dried it and slept with it tied up. When I woke up in the morning, my hair was horribly greasy and impossible to manage. I would assume that using a small amount would work well, but I would recommend only using it on the ends. Using it around the crown and/or middle section of the hair results badly. This would, however, depend on hair type.
It depends on your hair Comments By: Yas on 2010-04-18
First of all, you should only use a LITTLE bit of vaseline from my experience. I put vaseline atleast once a week.

Why do I do it??

Because my hair naturally grows like a fro (It grows up) & it stays very dry. Vaseline has helped weigh it down and make it nice and wavy.

I usually take vaseline off by first wetting a small towel and dabbing it on my hair. If you try to force taking off vaseline than THAT process will infact damage your hair.

I've also read online at forums, yahoo answers etc. that vaseline works best for people with thick black hair (which I have)

As far as getting your pores blocked.

Read this:


Either way you choose, it has definately helped out MY hair a lot. The one up I have from most people is I can get it out of my hair faily easily (Dabbing process then one shampoo)

I would definately recommend it to anybody who has thick black hair that they can't control but want to grow it fairly long.

I am white and love it! Comments By: Obsessing on 2010-04-22
I am white with dry course hair. (starting to gray) I get very frizzy with humidity. I work with a comercial dishwasher so YIKES. I used vasaline after shampooing. I put a small amount on my fingure and then rubbed into my hands until I could barely feel it. I used it all over my hair and scalp. I have never been frizzy since and as for getting it out I just do this once every 3 or 4 days and never worry about getting it out. My hair is growing faster too. honestly I think it absorbs into my scalp and hair just like it does on my hands and feet. I use it on them before I go to bed and I am just soft in the morning I have never had to wash it off. If you have frizz USE IT!!!!
Murray's Pomade Comments By: Pomade Guy on 2010-05-10
Honestly, if you all use vaseline in your hair to acheive that shiny, well-styled and tame look then I recomend Murray's Superior Hair Pomade. I picked some up a couple weeks ago when I first discovered pomade. It is vaseline based, has amazing hold, great shine, and a light parfum added for smell. You can pick it up in the ethnic hair care section of your local supermarket for about $1.50 a tin. It is very hard to wash out but then again I use a large amount as I have a 1930's hairstyle. The same company also makes a light pomade which I guess is more oily and less goop. Plus they must be doing something right seeings how they have been a top pomade seller since 1926(?)
It all depends Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-02
I don't use vaseline because it coats rather than moisturizes. It clogs your pores which causes breaks out on your skin and it suffocates your scalp too, causing your hair to be unhealthy and dull and cause it not to grow well. You need a clean scalp for healthy hair. On the other hand I have used products that contain petrolatum which is the basically the same thing as vaseline but I never use vaseline or petrolatum based product on my body and never on the scalp of my hair. If I do use a product with petrolatum in it I use on the length of my hair after I moisturize to lock in the moisture so that it will stay moisturized for days. Using only a little will wash out it easily. You can use baking soda and water mix instead of harsh shampoo to clarify your hair of all build up. I have kinky curly African American hair.
getting vasiline out of ur hair Comments By: Morgan on 2010-06-01
if u need to get vasaline out of your hair just pat some cornstartch in your hair where the vasaline is then wash out the cornstartch with your normal shampoo.... trust me it works really well
works for me Comments By: Sylvia on 2010-06-03
i used it because my hair was DAMAGED from coloring. I have dry dark naturally curly hair and will NOW use nothing else. Use in small amounts and scrunch in while slightly damp. I will never use expensive hair gels or conditioning treatments again.
Scientificaly,it benefits the hair. Comments By: Ziyad on 2010-06-05
People with dry and frizzy hair should use vaseline as a treatment.Its not easy to wash but my cousin(a future skin med) told me to wet hair after this and comb to get straight hair.it works miracles.i was wondering about vaselines negative effets so i started searching it on net.i ended up here.but i didnt find any negative effects excluding pore blockage.it also improves hair health.
IT WORKS!!! Comments By: zozo4 on 2010-07-18
I agree that it may well work better on black people hair. My family (caribbean) have been using it in their hair for generations. all my friends used it in their hair also whilst growing up.
when my baby was born, i refused to use it in his hair but i struggled to find something that would moisturise his afro. everything i used would make him itch, probably because he had a head full of hair and his scalp needed to breathe and the products were clogging his pores or they were just too strong for a babies scalp!
9 months went by and i decided to use the vaseline on the ends of his hair that were dry and it worked wonders!

only use vaseline if you have "black people hair" Comments By: kevin on 2010-10-08
If your dont have "black people hair" then you probly shouldnt uise vaseline..i have "black people hair" and vaseline works perfectly fine!
its miracle !!! Comments By: healthy hair on 2010-10-10
it works amazing on my hair... i used to have dry and damaged hair but after i used this, it makes my hair soft, shiny ande smooth~ it control frizz and prevent split ends too! i really recommend it but remember, just use on the tip of your hair and a little goes a long way`
works great Comments By: anon on 2010-10-26
I use it on my 10month old she has dry bed curls and it keeps the frizz down.
Works for me! Comments By: Eternity on 2010-11-07
I've been using Vaseline on my hair and scalp for years. I have very dry scalp, and Vaseline is the only product that helps the itching and flaking of my scalp. Plus it also keeps my hair very manageable (I have very kinky hair).
it works! Comments By: Brittney Higa on 2010-11-08
just rub a little on ur hands and work it in ur hair, and it doesnt make it too greasy
DO NOT USE THIS Comments By: kat on 2010-12-05
it ruins your hair. if you get a slight tangle when you have it in it creats dreads do not use it DO NOT USE IT DO NOT USE IT DO NOT USE IT DO NOT USE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Its in some hair products anyway! Comments By: Lizzie on 2010-12-01
Bought a very expensive cream recently to work into my dry ends. On examining the ingredients I noticed that a large portion of it is 'petrolatum' which is pseudo scientific jargon for petroleum jelly or 'vaseline'..anyway tried vaseline instead and it does exactly the same job. In future I know how I will be saving my money.
Not optimum but good in a pinch Comments By: Gunter Heidrich on 2010-12-03
I've worn my hair in a 30's/40's slicked back German/Prussian style for a few years in differing climes. I've been student-poor the entire time and consequently I've tried a few things depending on where I found myself situated and what money I found in my pocket at the time.

-Vaseline 3/5 - I've bought it in a pinch when away for a weekend having forgotten whatever I was using at the time but it's not optimum and really sticks to everything, barely washing free of your hands with soap and water (expensive saline contact lens solution/salt water is the only thing I know that works at all well) and winds up coming out in coagulated bits on the scalp after long term use (1 month plus). In short -good short term fix for not much money but not really a long term solution.

-Royal Crown 3.5/5 - Cost:product I'd say this is the best ($5 or frequently less/6-8oz.). It's slightly less stiff than Vaseline but with the same general consistency and has a fairly pleasant odour to it. As well as being cheap and as close to the classic stuff as I've come to period product (was around in the 30's+40's) it's getting pretty scarce -best bet is a chain pharmacy in a city/a dollar store in bumblefuck.

-Krewkomb 4/5(pink), 3/5(goose-grease) – These were something I stumbled onto while at my barber’s in the town where I went to uni one day. The pink Krewkomb endeared itself to me almost immediately; smelled like I’d just stepped out of the 50’s barbershop I’d gotten my haircut in each day I wore it and gave an excellent hold. In spring or summer I’d heartily recommend it but not really during the harsh winter months of somewhere like Minnesota where it becomes like trying to work chapstick into your hair and what’s more becomes a hard waxy helmet in the cold and can make your hair brittle to the point of cracking off without a hat (granted -30C isn’t too usual for most places).
Concerning the other stuff that’s more properly deserving of the term ‘pomade’, and ‘goose-grease’ by my old barber and I, it’s probably intense pomade I’ve ever used in my hair and I wouldn’t doubt that it could double as moustache wax. The hold is unparalleled (like caulk) and hard as cleaning from your hands as an unthinned oil paint.

-American Crew pomade (4/5) – Very good quality, pleasant and easy on the scalp with a decent scent (if not a bit juvenile) and requires fairly little of the expensive stuff to get the job done. Drawbacks: It’s expensive ($17-20 normal retail) but a more reasonable $12 (plus moral compromise and tax) at the evil and much reviled soul crushing entity that is the Wal-mart.

-Kløverolje 4.9/5 -I found myself in Sweden one summer visiting friends and without pomade, so during a walk in town we stopped at Apoteket (the state drug chain/'apothecary') to nose around briefly. What I found was a little yellow tin about the size of a can of boot polish with green lettering in Norwegian reading "kløverolje"/cloveroil. I wasn’t expecting much for the $5-7 I paid but little did I know that I’d stumbled onto something that was the perfect consistency (something between a tube of liquid Carmex lip balm and Royal Crown) pomade for my hair (thicker and with a bit wavy when longer).
I put some on after a shower one day and never has my hair been smother or straighter, less greasy or my scalp in better shape (esp. during a stretch of hot summer days; 25 up to 30C). It washes off the hands easily as well with soap and water, seems to stay with the hair mainly, and has a pleasant subtle smell of clover/freshly cut field to it.
In spite of all of its merits however, it has one distinct drawback. On entering the hills of a park one evening to drink a few pints of beer with a friend to nurse our sunburns and watch the sun set over Gothenburg after a long day of hiking I discovered that small insects fucking love it and were willing to take my body for a taste of it –on that night, namely gnats (which were barely noticeable otherwise) and an entire hill of little black ants 2 meters away made a bee-line over rocky ground to get hit of my clovery Gunter-locks.
So aside from having to wear a lily coloured “Systembolaget" (state alcohol) plastic liquor sack on my head and a pair of sunglasses to preserve my otherwise extremely calm and cool demeanour, and looking like a flower in order to avoid smelling too much like one in the Swedish forest -it’s perfect and can’t beaten.

CURLY, soft . neat all day try this Comments By: Narmeen on 2010-12-23
a tip that absoultely worked for me...
just wash your hair every day (if u have time)and while it is wet put vasline in all of the hair then wait for like 10 mins then go and wash with water only + do not wash the vasline completly off..then style as desired

by this way u can have curly soft neat hair all day..i hope u benifit..xx..

ok, uhhh... Comments By: candytime1 on 2010-12-29
omg. nobody has hair like mine (im white ). its soft, wavy (i dont want it to be), fine and dark brown. but its soo frizzy, GREASY and poofy! i straighten it about every day, and that helps with the poofy part. but its just so frizzy. i shower every day to keep the grease down. idk if vaseline is gonna work! im not gonna try this because all the bad comments. ugh. i want somebody to try it for me. xD so if you have the hair like/similar to mine try it and post your comment.
thanks. byee.

SO, to sum up Comments By: ♥ Bri on 2011-02-27
basically, we are all just saying that vaseline may or may not work it depends on your hair type and how much you plan on using
love it Comments By: shirley on 2011-03-02
wore braids for years, not too tight braided myself. one day woke up not only was hairline bald but hair was so dry ad brittle. after researching saw that blacks should not use petroleum/mineral oil/cones on their hair. tried all that no poo no grease/mnineral oil cones stuff and hair got worse more bald spots more breakage. started using castor oil/and or vaseline on my scalp and ends and sta sof fro. glad to say hair growing back and not breaking. stop listening to these hair posts and realize that though we may all be black we have different hair textures. what works for me might not work for u.
GREAT Comments By: jo on 2011-03-11
Vaseline is good for if u have thick hair bacuz i do and it work for me it doesnt keep it frizzy and its managable and if use like almost 2wice a week in a month ur hair will become wavy and not thick anymore also use baby oil with the vaseline its GREAT
GREAT Comments By: flabogasted on 2011-03-17
i saw it on a film and decided to use it,
im asian, black curly thick hair,
i put loads on, slapped it on my hair , and massaged into my scalp because i have dry scalp. i washed it out with repeatedly with shampoo, my hair came out silky, smooth,soft shiny. I recommend to use it with quality shampoo, Herbal essences, for dry damaged hair. The shampoo i used got ALL grease out, its very very foaming and still nourished my hair. I recomened for dark hair types, for blacks, asians, orientals and others with thick hair.

p.s honestly i wouldnt use it again since i do not prefer vomlumised, shiny, curly hair eventhough i enjoyed the softness :)

DO NOT USE VASELINE FOR YOUR HAIR Comments By: Kate :) on 2011-04-07
I used vaseline for my hair before and it ruined my hair and everything my hair was really bad so i suggest u do not use vaseline and if u do thats fine BUT i promise i will mess up your hair and if u want to get your hair back i used shampoo to do it and it was fine then but if it dont work i think u should get a new hair style or hair colour cause then all the vaseline that was in your hair but not coming out then the new hair colour will make the vaseline in your hair look like theres none vaseline in there but try the shampoo first.
vaseline is good for your hair Comments By: Babazoulay on 2011-04-02
Vaseline is good for your hair because i have tried it and it gives outstanding resulst. It makes my hair shiny and smooth and looks cool if you curl your hair at the bottom, all you have to do is to rub it in your hair after washing your hair and drying it when it gets frizzy, then dont put too much just rub it on your hands then rub it into your hair nd dry with hairdryer. thats it simple.
DON'T DO IT! Comments By: Jenna on 2011-04-09
I went online to try to find somewhere where someone misleads you to make a TERRIBLE decision to use vaseline in your hair. It happened to me and it WILL NOT come out. I used corn starch over and over and It is only about 75% of the way out. I know that it's just going to take time but DON'T EVER EVER EVER PUT VASELINE IN YOUR HAIR!
nw i really dont knw WHAT TO DO!!!! Comments By: Ash on 2011-04-28
After reading all the comments i am confused as to what to follow, i have never used Vaseline on my "never manageable curly dry hair"but was recommended, now when i read all these comments, i am in two minds, whether even to go ahead and experiment or stick to the non working coconut hair oil??? ;-(
How to wash out... Comments By: Riley on 2011-05-09
I've just started to add a little bit of Vaseline, because ALL other products either don't last or really aggravate the eczema on my scalp, and for washing out my tip is, get a good shampoo and rub it directly all over dry hair as if you were styling your hair, comb it through, rinse then shampoo as normal...Vaseline rocks AND protects especially in summer
some reason in all this madness! Comments By: Brickcity on 2011-06-20
I learned that vaseline has alot of uses. One thing that i learned being from NJ is when you get into a cat fight having vaseline on your hair keeps the other gurl from pulling on your hair. Now, i have thick dark frizzy curly hair that some products just don't cut it. one way to know if it works is to just try it out! try to do it when you have no plans and you can stay home a couple of days if it works out bad. just try a little and see where it works from there. Try only a small amount of hair and not your whole head, if it doesn't work then vaseline is not for you.keep in mind in the end your Hair still grows and eventually you will forget about it,so you can't really know if it works until you try it.
Vaseline is EXCELLENT Comments By: Max on 2011-06-27
I have chin-length gothic black hair. I'm a male. Over my 33 years I've tried all kinds of products from coconut cream to burts wax's and other waxes or thick derivatives. About 2 weeks ago I was in the city and my hair was frizzing ridiculously. I knew i couldn't find any decent product so I bought vaseline and rubbed it into my hair. I was taken back at how well it worked. It gave my hair that edgey spikey wet black look. Just amazing. And I don't know what others are talking about, it washes off in one strong shampooing. Vaseline, when put anywhere on your body dries out and is absorbed on its own. So maybe for those hyper sensitive and freak out at the slightest thing then this isn't for you. But for the rest of us this is excellent.

Vaseline has been used on skin since it was developed. There are no side-effects, it's great for hair and skin, and totally safe. The guy who invented Vaseline used to eat a teaspoon of it daily as he thought that would aid in health. Yet Vaseline is not intended for internal use and do not take it internally! Nor use it in eyes. But it's a great moisturizer and works better than so many others.

Of course vaseline is cheap to produce so no beauty company wants you to know how well vaseline works on your skin. They can't sell it for what they want to make out of it. Yet Vaseline works 10x better then lotion on dry skin. So of course you can put it in your hair. And its' no more difficult to get out of hair then it is to get off hands. Just shampoo once or twice in one showering and it will be almost entirely gone.

Vaseline FTW Comments By: Metsushi on 2011-06-30
Some answers here are painfully dumb. Look on the back of "Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner" and you will see the FIRST ingredient is PETROLEUM! Gee uh duh what do you think Vaseline is? Petroleum is in almost every product you buy and it (or it's derivative) is in almost every cosmetic as well. It washes out of your hair in one showering with a good shampoo and repeat. It's excellent for the skin, scalp and the hair. There is no harm in leaving it in and provided your only using a small bit (teaspoon or there about) it will not make your hair greasy or overly heavy. Like any pomade it's meant for stiffer styling so don't think you can use vaseline for light whispy hair. Vaseline is excellent for its intended use and won't dry out as fast as a gel nor will it flake.

For all these people freaking out and using cornstarch lol.. yah keep trollololing

Common sense Comments By: Christine on 2011-07-05
I have very long, wavy blond hair that I straighten everyday. One day I ran out of my Frizz Ease and grabbed the vaseline. It worked wonders and made my hair shine.

But, the old saying goes. A little dab will do ya. Put a very small amount, no bigger than a tiny pea into your palm. Rub it into your palms around your fingers, get it really warm. It will leave a very fine film on your hands. Work it gently into your hair starting at the very ends. If you have greasy hair, don't put it near your scalp.

Vaseline is not bad for you hair. It is in a lot of hair products. You just have to use common sense. Any product will way you hair down if you goop it on.


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