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Lastng Straightness. Tips for straight hair

Submitted by Jen K

Ok if you want really straight, smooth and Frizz free hair you've got to try this: 

First, when you get into the shower/bath you have to use warm water. (Hot water dries out your hair and let's face it cold water doesn't give you much shine). When you condition leave it on for a little bit longer than 2 minutes for extra conditioned hair. 

After youre done I recommend that you use a straightening gel to take away that unwanted curl or wave. Then comb or brush your hair and put it up into a towel or leave it down to dry naturally. (Blow driers make your hair frizzy when wet) When your hair is dry I recommend that you first turn on your straightener to let it heat up good enough. 

Then taking a blow dryer now on your dry hair on low heat with a round bristle brush, pull straight your hair. When that is done smooth through your hair a dime size amount of conditioner or straightening gel through your hair, straighten and youre done!!

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Cold water smoothes hair. Comments By: Teagan on 2005-07-06
Actually, cold water closes the hair shaft. It's a scientific fact that rinsing with cold water smoothes the shaft and gives you sleeker, less-frizzy hair.

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