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Getting that Garage Organized

Garages, sheds and storage spaces are all places that we often have too much stuff accumulating. Where we have too much stuff put is where we often think needs the most organizing. Organizing our stuff, our things, and sometimes our junk, is just a way of cleaning spaces out to make everything else look better, plus to be able to find our things easier. Finding things that we want to use can be easier when we organize our storage spaces. In this article I want to tell you more about how I organized my space and how I put my goodies in order so I can find them when I need them most. 

Getting your workspace organized is going to take a little time, remember you didn�t make this mess overnight, and sometimes sorting through what you really don�t need can take a little time. Getting your workspace organized also may mean purchasing a few items so you can put these items away in the manner that they should be but you can do this over a few weeks if you want or need to and it won�t hurt anything, but it will prolong your organizing tasks. 

The biggest key to organizing your spaces is going to meant that all your tools for the home, the garden, and for working on other things are going to be organized and put up or away in a manner that you can see them fast and where they will be kept so nothing gets lost. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a project and you can�t find the right tools to work with so getting organized is great for this, saving on your stress and time later as you arrange when you work on your hobbies or tasks. 

To get your tools organized you can start with the largest of them, such as the rakes, shovels and such. Putting large hangers on the wall, or nails or hooks that will hold each of these large hand type tools is going to put them all in their place, safely out of your way!

Along with the largest hand tools you have small tools such as wrenches, hammers, drills, and everything else you like to use. A pegboard system is a great way to start if you have lots of wall space. You can hang everything up so you can easily see it and grab it when you need it. This also gives you lots of space so you can work on your workbench if you like. A pegboard type hanging system is great so you can see exactly what you have to work with. If you buy more tools just hang up a few more hangers and you can put your new tools up. 

If you don�t like the wall mounted tool system you can use all types toolboxes, small or large, even metal or wood. You most likely will want to stay away from plastic, as they are not going to be heavy enough to put all your bigger hand tools into. One thing is for sure, if you are purchase a large type toolbox you might want to make sure it has wheels so you can easily move it about when you are working on different projects, or just when you want to sweep the floor. Large toolboxes can become very heavy when they are full of your hand tools. 

Often other types of hand tools like drills; saws and such will have a case that you purchase them in. Keeping these types of electronic or plug in tools in their cases is going to prevent water from harming your tools. You can keep these types of items on a shelf below the work bench or on a high workbench so children can�t reach them easily. 

For tools that are used more often you can keep them in a small carry type tool box, one that will allow you to have a few types of screw drivers, a few ratchets and such all in one location that you can carry around but still be organized. 

Wall brackets, hanging brackets and shelving are going to be your best options in getting organized and making space in your garage, shed or in your storage area. Check you local hardware or retail hardware outlet for great ideas on getting organized and the best products you might like most when you are organizing your space.

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His and Hers Garage Comments By: Robin on 2005-04-20
I needed this article last summer. Instead of cleaning the clutter we built his and her's garages. Now he has his and I have mine. Organization would have been cheaper. A little late but it will keep mine organized (and him out)

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