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Advice for teenager and parent arguements

Submitted by james beer

When you are growing up you are easily influenced in to changing your looks to impress boys or girls. Ask yourself is it really worth it. It's important to stay focused on what's important. You need to say what's on your mind even if people do not like it, remember to stay relaxed and calm. Especially if you are talking to mum or dad.

  1. Never run away it makes matters worse

  2. If you feel like arguing go out of the room, relax and think about what you said, was it a rush of your heart. Make yourself a glass of water especially if your mouth is dry from shouting

  3. Remember that you still have to talk about your problems to your mum or dad. If you have said anything out of turn say Sorry! If you choose never to say sorry then that is fine but be prepared for problems

  4. If you chose not to say sorry then your parents may not speak to you for a few days. Stay calm and relaxed, go to school and talk to a mate as normal, or if you are grounded stay calm just go to your room and do your homework. Only go down for a drink or at tea time.

  5. Never show any bad moods remain cool. You can handle it. Give Mum and Dad space to think and your self time to think

  6. Lastly, when things have calmed down sit at the table and tell your parents what changes you want to make. Remember be flexible. Is if you want time with your mate until 9.30 pm then you have to take responsibly for under taking any activity to help your partners out.

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