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Long hair. Over Forty and Long Hair?

Long hair, and I mean long hair that is below your shoulder level can be very revealing for some women. If you are over thirty five, over forty and you want long hair you may want to read through this article for more information about what others may think. Please keep in mind this is my own opinion, just something that I wanted to detail a little more for those women out there with a little dare in them!

One thing that you should keep in mind is that no matter what age you are, fashions and styles come and go. While some women are wearing their hair short, others have it very long. Look to your local area, the famous women that you see and you will notice quickly what the latest craze. While writing this article, it seems that straight, very straight hair is the style, but who knows next month it could be the wave that is the thing to do. 

Long hair can be the best thing in your life, and will add to your features if you have the time to work with it once in a while.

Long hair is flowing, and very romantic looking when it is brushed often and shiny. Longer hair gives you many many more options when you are searching for a different do or a way to put your hair up. When you have short hair, your hair either compliments you or you are waiting for it to grow out!

On feature that many the woman, even older women, look great with long hair is a rounder face. A thin face can look longer and more narrow if you have longer hair, but the rounder fuller face is much thinner and set off with long hair. 

When deciding you want long hair:
If you are starting to grow your hair longer, you will have to realize that your hair is going to go through a few stages. The stages where it might not seem so controllable and where you might feel it is taking too long to grow, but really, before you know it your hair is long and beautiful just as you had planned. 

The more professional that you are, shoulder length and shorter hair looks a bit more professional, unless you are very keen on keeping your hair styled and in place. Often the woman with longer hair, curly and loose does not look as professional but more free like without boundaries. If you really want long hair and you have a professional business type job, learn more ways you can do your hair in minutes without the hassle. 

Long hair making you look older? Try this:
If you think your long hair is making you look older than what you really feel, try highlighting your hair for that light look that will brighten your overall look. 

Learn to curl your hair more often around your face so it will keep your face looking softer without the hard lines of straight hair. Straight hair is a possibility if you dont have too many wrinkles. 

If you find that your hair is making your age spots or freckles stand out more, try a lightening cream that will lighten your age spots, and lighten freckles. 

Lighten the top portions of your hair, not the ends, the top portions of your hair that is lightened is going to draw others eyes away from your face and to your body all over so even if you have a few wrinkles or such, no one is going to notice as much otherwise. 

Add layers to your hair, giving it a fuller look without the straight and narrow look. A nice long hairdo is going to allow your hair in layers to look curlier and fuller, that will make your overall appearance younger and fresh looking. 

When you find that your hair is going through those in between stages when you dont feel it looks so great, start using a spray or a little lifting gel close to the roots to give your hair a bit more body, this will take away from your age and make you look younger. 

Keeping your hair long no matter what the age does take a little look, but often times a longer hair style can actually make you look younger if you just put a little time into doing your hair! Keep brushing for a shine that will gleam.

Visitors comments

wierd Comments By: anon on 2005-05-31
if you are over 40 and have long hair, cut it!!!!
Long hair is a plus Comments By: Tagezs on 2005-06-05
Long hair is a real plus and I love the tips given here. It does make you look younger and often thinner. Long hair also screams health when it is properly taken care of. If you want to spend more time fixing your self up every morning sure, cut it off. With long hair you very seldom have a bad hair day. There comes a point when one has to deside if they are going to let society tell us what is beautiful or ourselves and our husbands.

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