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Color Matching Thru the Home

Have you ever walked into a store, fell in love with a lamp, a pair of drapes or even a chair, but then you bought it and took it home and it didn�t match anything in your home. What do you do? How can you prevent this from happening again and again, so you don�t end up with a house full of things that just don�t match? In this article I want to tell you a little about how to make sure the items that you buy for your home match and �go� well with the other items in your home. 

Matching items in your home does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money. If you are careful in your planning, and in your shopping you can find items when they are on sale, but this will require a little patience and watching of the items in the stores. 

What are we all looking for?
Most all of us are looking for items that will match in our homes. We want the perfect homes, and we want the styles, the fashions, and the colors that express our inner selves emotionally and mentally. Adding a special touch to your home, to every room in your home is going to take time. 

First start with one room at a time, working on one room until you take care of matching and working the entire room before moving on to another room in the home. Matching colors in your home, does not mean that every room is going to be the same color, but that the colors that you use and consider using in any one given room compliment each other. 

Starting Out 
On your trek to purchase the most valuable treasures for your home, a little patience is going to go a long way. Make a list of what you want to add to your rooms. What are the colors you want to use in this room? And finally write down about how much you think your new items are going to cost so you can fit this into your budget. A budget is going to be important in how long it is going to take you to get the things that you want, and where you are going to shop to find some of these goodies. 

One way to ensure that �get� colors that match and fabrics, wallpaper or even paintings that will match what else you have in the room is that when you head off to your favorite paint store you will notice all types of swatches.

Swatches and Colors 
These swatches are arranged to match by colors. Darks and lights do match, and you will find that shade of green and yellow or browns and oranges or even blues and grays can match to create that certain look you want to create in a room. Using the color schemes on a swatch card you can pick �things� like paint, wallpaper or even fabric for the flooring using that same card, just by matching the colors. 

Sometimes you will find that these swatches are also known as paint chips, and often you can pick up a few different paint chips or swatches at one time without a cost. 

There is still another way that you can match colors and fabrics, if you want the same feel and look through out your home. You can use the same types of drapes, materials and carpets through out your home for a look that is going to make your home match and create the same look that will be easily matched, such as shades of gray, blue, or browns for the carpets and drapes. 

How can you track what you are purchasing and what you still want?
Tiny notebooks that can be held in your purse, in the car or in your pocket can hold your matching color dreams. Cut out pictures of what you want, and keep your paint chips or swatches in the book as well. When you find an item that you want, in your budget range and in the color range, you can take that page out of your notebook. 

This is also a way to keep an idea in your head about what you want when you do run across a sale your weren�t expecting. Sales crop up and without your info on hand you could purchase the wrong colors, the wrong sizes or just something that doesn�t match overall. 

Have fun matching and shopping!

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New Home Blues Comments By: Robin on 2005-04-20
We recently moved into our new home and I was having the same problem. Trying to buy what i thought I would like or what I thought others would think looked right and then I just said enough. I too started to look at just one room at a time. My husband like the bank acccount better too.....

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