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Nappy rash. Flour for nappy rash

Submitted by George Bush

In a clean dry preheated cast iron skillet. Heat plain white flour, stirring it constantly, with a fork, until it goes a medium to dark brown.

Don't scorch it.

Let it cool down some then put it into a shaker that you can seal shut.

After cleaning the diaper area pat it dry and sprinkle the coarse powder on the rash.

This may sound like bad advice, putting coarse gritty powder on a rash, however, it will quickly quell a bad diaper rash. Of course you have to dilegently keep the baby clean and changed.

The flour will combat the rash cheaply, efficiently, and naturaly.

Visitors comments

Best Cure Comments By: Tonya on 2005-06-02
I used this for my son and within 6 hrs
the rash he had for days was disappearing.
My 93yr. old grandmother told me about this.


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