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Celebrating Special Occasions

Special occasions happen more and more in our lives. Sometimes you might not even realize that a special day or a fun time is approaching you can be more prepared and ready for those special days using my ideas and tips for celebrating those special days! What types of special days am I talking about? Anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, goals that have been made, or just about any day you want to celebrate!

For those special days when you are going out for dinner, coffer or dessert, have the waitress bring a piece of special cake. Sometimes the waiter or waitress is going to bring balloons, sing or bring a special bottle of wine. You can request these extra things when you are out celebrating and often the staff is very helpful in setting up those special occasions.

Have a song, banner, card or a bunch of balloons � even flowers, delivered to someone who is celebrating a special day. You might not think about it, but men and women alike love getting surprises at work. If it is someone who is celebrating a special day but doesn�t have an office or works out on the jobsite, deliver a special lunch or something similar to where they are working. It does take the extra effort but well worth it in the end when you are recognized for realizing how important they are in your life.

Write a song, write a poem or just write a letter celebrating the special day. Read it to those who are sharing the special day or hang it on the wall for your own celebration and reminisce. Keep your thoughts in mind about what you are celebrating for days to come so you realize just how special you are. You can frame a poem, thoughts, ideas, and photos that depict why this is such a special day.

Have a song written and hire someone to sing it for another person special in your life.
Put large signs on the house or next to the office where your special person works.
Decorate their car, their house, or where they work for the special day.
Rent a hall and have a party!

Have a party for someone special inviting all their favorite people in life.
Have a party for someone at an ice skating rink, at a burger place, or in a game room.
Swim parties, art parties, decorating parties, cleaning parties and painting parties are all something that you can schedule to do for someone else who is celebrating a special day.

Hair a boat, or a yacht and take a day trip or even something better a night trip. A little time out on the water just to celebrate the special day is something that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Arrange to have a cook out, a block party or a housewarming party for that someone special. Surprise parties do take a little time to plan so you might want to start ahead of time!

Have a cook out on the beach, a bon fire in the back yard, set off fire works or just have people over for cocktails for a special occasion. Getting people together and letting everyone know about that special day makes the day even better.

Make your own cards, expressing your own feelings for someone special.
Create a memory book for that special day, and what led up to that special day. For example, for a promotion, make a memory book of photos of all the tough jobs, long days and hard work that the person had to do and put up with in order to get to that point.

Get out and go to a ball game or any type or a race to celebrate a special day. Making the time to spend together, doing something that the two of you, or the entire family loves is what will build even more memories for years to come.

For those who want to spend the day together on a special occasion, take a walk in the woods, in the park, take in a movie or rent a movie, just as long as you are spending your time together!

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Best Friends Surprise Comments By: Robin on 2005-04-20
This little tip made me think of two really close friends I have and never get to see enough. We worked together for years and then job opportunities seperated us. With our families and work schedules it's hard to get together but it would be nice to just send a pick me up bouquet to their work. I wished i could get flowers where I work(Prision)

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