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Another way to kill ringworm

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To kill ringworm safely and effectiely use an oral thrush pill. It dies in about three days as it works from the outside in. V. Effective.

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moat effective cure for persistant ringworm Comments By: Anon on 2009-06-28
1. open up the yellow pages and look under skin treatment.
2. locate the most qualified dermatologist in your community.
3. schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
4. fill out doctor application and give detail description of all pain and suffering.
5. show the dermatologist your red rings, infected skin areas on your body. Explain the itching, sleepless nights, and make your complaints known to the doctor to reinforce your eye witness physical exam.
6. receive an anti-fungal tablet prescription along with a most powerful steroid super lotion (request two tubes).
7. go home and take pills as indicated on bottle. Rub in lotion on infected areas twice a day.
8. be happy it will improve in three days and be dead in three weeks. Use the lotion a week longer to make sure it does not come back.


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