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Root Beer for Acid Reflux

Submitted by brianiesha

When you have extemely bad acid refluz or heartburn drink some good old fashioned root beer. any root beer works but have found A&W and Barqs do not work as well. Mug root beer is good or any store brand. just try you'll be amazed!!! i used it when i was pregnant, works faster than milk!

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Fire with Fire? Comments By: Justin on 2009-03-15
How exactly does an acidic soft drink reduce acid? And how is this a "Tip for an Easier, Safer, and cheaper future?" The last time I checked, Tums are pretty cheap and are PROVEN to work.

TipKing says: I would say that it falls under 'easier' as brianiesha is sending a tip that she finds simple for the treatment of her acid reflux.

thanks... Comments By: sandravicky on 2009-06-16
It does work...
no qualms or questions about it..


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