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Brush marks free when using gloss paint. Painting tip

Submitted by MRS G. SYKES

When gloss paint in the tin starts to stiffen after using for a while, add a generous squirt of any cheap washing up liquid to tin and stir in, prevents brush marks by the lousiest of painters

It stops a skin forming even if tin is stored away for years, I also add some to a new tin on opening...TRIED AND TESTED...GUARANTEED 

Nail varnish remover good for cleaning clogged/stiffened/forgotten to clean gloss paint brushes, also makes a good paint/varnish stripper discovered by accident.

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???? Comments By: peter on 2007-07-09
is this tip for oil based paint or water based? i would assume it would be for acrylic paint

TipKing says: The 'Gloss' Paint that the tip is talking about is oil based.


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