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Enjoying a Day without Going Broke

Life is a bowl of cherries, one that you can enjoy without having to spend a lot of money again and again so you can use your money for other things you need in life. I want to share what I know about spending a great day out or with the family but without having to spend the electric bill money and still having the rent money at the end of the month. You can have your cake and eat your cake too if you are just a little careful in picking what type of activities and things you are going to do. 

Sometimes your imagination just needs a little boost to find ways to have fun without spending money, here are some ideas you can use, even expand upon to have a great time of your own. 

If you are near the beach, explore the beach to find seashells. Using the seashells you can make pictures or designs that can be hung in your home or office. This is a great activity that you can do over and over again to build a collection. 

Take a few hours and walk through the zoo. There are always fascinating things to explore and see in the zoo, even new animals that are added, or sometimes new babies that are living in the office. There may be a small fee, but the zoo doesnt usually cost too much to get into. 

In the summer months, there are often free concerts, movies or clubs that will gather in the park or in libraries. Check your local listings for information about what types of freebies you can find happening in your own area where you dont even have to travel. 

Check out your local library. You can get online, surf the net, check out a book, and most often, you can now rent movies from your local library and watch television free. 

During the winter months, taking a sled ride, a walk in the snow, or building a snow man is an alternative that is not going to cost money. Cross-country skiing, walking in the snow, and getting out and exercising in the snow is a great way to spend time without having to spend money. 

Walk in the mall when it is raining out side. You can window shop and excise just about any time of the day. Many malls even open a few hours before the stores do, so you can window shop without the worry about getting the urge to buy anything. 

If you want to eat out, try eating out for the early bird specials so you can save money and save time waiting in lines. Check out the local eateries where you can save a ton of money by eating at times when restaurants are not as busy, even when they are going to offer children free meals. 

Take a hike in the spring, fall or in the summer. If you like the outdoors, consider going camping for a few days where you dont have to purchase anything to stay outdoors, enjoy nature and do all types of activities like fishing, hunting, building, walking, hiking or swimming, boating and so on. 

Instead of buying magazines, go to your local library and read a few magazines free. You will find that most all-local newspapers are offered in the library free as well. You can keep up on the news without having the cost of the paper delivered to your door. Most magazines and newspapers are also offered online, free reading for the majority of the same news that is delivered to other homes but for a fee. 

Take a long drive and visit those friends or relatives that you dont get to see that often. Visiting for a few years doesnt mean that you have to spend any money besides getting gas to get there and then back home again. 

Take a bike ride out around the park, or around the city, a bike ride is exercise, fun and free all at the same time. 

Painting, gardening, and landscaping, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, sitting on the swings, or bird watching are still other ideas that dont cost money to spend your time. Pack a lunch, play volley ball, baseball or even basketball or watch the kids play while you sit back and relax, all without having to pay a dime!

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simple and satisfying Comments By: hima on 2005-03-21
I like ur tips are more practical. Let me try them and i am happy

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