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Preparation H for acne., Acne tips and ideas

I read this in a magazine a while ago and it really works. Just dab it on- at night if possible, and by the morning it will have shrunken to almost nothing or be completely gone.

The only uncomfortable part is having to go to the store and buy it!

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Prep H is Witch Hazel - A Great Astrigent Comments By: Anon on 2005-03-18
No need to buy expensive Preparation H when the main ingredient is common everyday Witch Hazel which is very inexpensive in any drugstore or warehouse club. I use it everyday on a cotton pad and my face is very clean.

My skin is dry and sensitive and I have no problem using Witch Hazel to remove dirt from my pores. I work in the city and there is plenty on the cotton every night that I use it.

not advisable Comments By: lucy on 2005-03-20
I tried using Prep H on acne. What I ended up with was purple marks on my face which took weeks to go way. I ended up going to a dermatologist. He told me he has seen this before and worse from using this product. I would strongly advise that you should not use this as there are products for acne for a reason. I am glad it worked for you but I cannot recommend it myself.
prep-h Comments By: shannon on 2005-08-26
there are many different formulations of preparation h. some are mainly witch hazel and some have hydrocortisone which can thin the skin. Probably okay for occasional use before important events but the hydrorstisone formulations are what reduce swelling.
It really works. Comments By: Jennifer on 2010-02-03
My son has been fighting acne for four years now and we have tried everything over the counter and prescription from our Dermatologist except for the retinoids which we feel are too risky due to the adverse side effects. We tried the generic brand of Preparation H ( Hemorrhoidal Ointment) from Rite Aide and in one night we saw a huge improvement. Finally- something that works!!

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