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Acne Tips, Really Work!

Submitted by Jon

OK truth about acne is that you shouldn't do anything about it. Some rules to go by.

  1. DON'T USE SOAP ON YOUR FACE. NEVER EVER USE SOAP ON YOUR FACE. IT DRIES IT OUT MAKING YOU PRODUCE MORE OIL CAUSING MORE ZITS. Instead, clean your face with a deep cleaning face cleanser that will not dry out your face. I prefer Dickensons. You put it on a cotton ball and clean your face with it. Like washing your face without drying it out.

  2. Products on TV are NOT going to get rid of acne. If its really bad for you, there are medications that you can get from your doctor, some work some don't.

  3. No matter what anyone says, acne is hereditary. If your parents had it, most likely you'll have it too. Sure some foods might make it worse but truth is, it doesn't make too big of a difference. 
    • (EX- I have a friend who's so worried about acne than he doesn't eat any junk food and doesn't drink soda etc. He has pretty bad acne. Me and my other friend don't care what we eat or drink but we have clear skin. We also listen to these rules.)

  4. Toothpaste works on most zits. Everyone gets the occasional zit. The best remedy I can recommend is toothpaste. Just put it on before bed and it normally makes the zit less visible.

  5. Try to drink a lot of water. Not sure if this works but drinking a lot keeps you hydrated and cleans out your system faster. Some people think it works, others don't.

  6. Don't pop, just poke. If you really NEED fast results, poke the zit with a SHARP, STERILE!!! needle and drain the pus. That normally reduces the size of the zit a great deal.

  7. A little cover up goes a long way. If your a guy and refuse to put on make up, put it this way. If your so worried what people say about a little zit, I'd consider that really "girly" so might as well put on make up and feel better about yourself.

  8. DON'T STRESS YOURSELF OUT ABOUT IT. It's just a few little zits. If your in your 20-40's and its really becoming a problem, you should probably go see a dermatologist and get the condition checked out or it could lead to scarring.

*NOTE* These rules have been followed by a few of my friends. Its worked for all of them so far. It may or may not work for you. We are teenagers and our raging hormones give us zits but with these rules its helped is a lot.

Visitors comments

hi Comments By: lauren on 2005-03-22
hi iv just read your tips, ill giv it a go and ill let you know how it goes
thanks Comments By: diane on 2005-04-11
i really hope this method works:) thanks will let you know , btw i love the toothpaste advice;D
Whatever Comments By: Very mad on 2005-04-29
This is a load of no good. If you aren't even sure if Water helps your skin then you obviously know nothing about this subject.

Toothpaste is for YOUR TEETH people, come on now! If you're a teenager with " raging hormones" and only a few friends have tried this you have no say to recommend it. When you're a rich dermatologist then I'll consider taking your tips.

Until then, leave the stupidity between you and your face.

hi Comments By: mayra on 2005-05-26
water does help u alot because it cleans up ur system and rur pores as well i had bad acne and i got rid of junk food for a week and i drank alor of water and got rid of my acne
Interesting Comments By: 'Anon' on 2005-06-11
hi, i'm only twelve and ur probably thinking i'm only a kid but i am actually starting to break out and all of my friends are noticing. i have been searching on the web and noticed the suggestion for toothpaste is a common one along with avoiding fatty foods. the thing is if i start putting toothpaste on my face people would thing i've gone mad but anyway thankyou for the tips!
Toothpast Not........ Comments By: GooDLuCk on 2005-07-17
I was told by my dermo.. Toothpast is what makes your skin brack out on your chin. I brush my teeth alot and When I was younger I would get toothpast on my chin when brushing and spitting. Ya, I know that gross. When I stopped doing that my chin cleared up. KNOw I have a nother problem with acne on my cheek bone line. It is driving me mad. I am 29 and that I was done with it.
Toothpaste is good... Comments By: Ovidiu on 2005-11-04
Man, the mouth is full of bacteria so that's why you got your chin bracked up. Many toothpastas contain active ingridients that dry out the zits. And as an advice try not to touch your face too much, hands are not very clean most of time so this helps alot.
Well... Comments By: veronicaxmars on 2006-01-01
For yor information... stuff on tv does work! for example PROACTIVE SOLUTION!
....... :-) Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-31
i think i'm gonna go try everything!!!!
Wellllll.... Comments By: Jezz on 2006-02-19
I'm thirteen and I have the occasional mega breakout. They drive me nuts. But when I eat healthier foods and drink more water, they aren't as bad. When I eat a lot of junk food, they are worse. So yes, I belies=ve that food does play a role in how bad your acne gets.
Toothpaste- a clearer face in a night Comments By: [email protected] on 2006-06-03
The thing about toothpaste on the face is this: It HAS to be paste, not gel. Gel will make you break out. Paste will dry up the zit/pimple and it will make it smaller and less visible. IT WORKS. To VERY MAD: Sure, toothpaste is for teeth, but it has many uses. Bleach has many uses too. It's not just for making whites whiter or cleaning showers, etc. Suck it up and deal with it.
so!so! Comments By: ravi panwar on 2006-08-03
hi!i have tried all these stuffs but one thing i want to make clear to u that these tips are not going to clean your face of acnes,these are only preliminary measures . so,my friend do not put out puss from your acne by a sharp sterile because this will only results into the formation of scars.
Good tips! I SO agree! Comments By: Leah on 2007-04-03
This does work! Although my acne isn't completely gone yet, my skin gets clearer every day!
ummm Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-29
hello people, toothpaste is for your teeth. even if it does shrink the zit, its probably not really good for the rest of you skin!!
I tried the toothpaste. Comments By: Nikki on 2008-01-04
It really just makes things worse.
ur smart Comments By: Sabrine on 2008-02-23
"proactiv solution" and "acne free" do not work. they only show results for the first few months but ur skin gets immune to it and it just gets worse from there. Thnx 4 the tips!
Umm Comments By: ANON on 2008-11-13
i really dont know whats good or bad for skin and i dont want to find out the hard way and ruin it. I'll stick to the water idea. water cleans out system so thanz for some advice , ill try it. as for toothpaste, i dont want to risk messing something up, u know. On tv they show face products with a beautiful model saying it worked for them. they just are advertising. results will very. alot to some people. I hope i can rid my problem with acne soon.
naaaahhhhh.... Comments By: munns on 2009-02-23
using something like a toothpaste on ur face is surely not wise enough.ive had bad zits and acne on my face and i still do but for that i've been using a neem face pack and trust me it works.it slowly makes your acne and zits smaller and less visible.ofcourse drinking a lot of water is also a better way out but this certainly might take time and everyone is in a hurry to get rid of acne
No Soap? Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-27
I love soap, it really does the job! Yes I agree soap is very drying for skin but using a cleanser or moisturiser afterwards, there be no problem with using soap.
Reality Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-27
if you look at it this way life is how you make it, but really its how you choose to make it, having acne can be really easy to get away for some people and those people usually hate acne, and the people who have dont really care as much as the next person cause they are having a harder time getting it to go away, i am 13 and i have bad acne, but i dont plan on complaining becuase someday it will hopefully be gone, just by using moisturizer that has stuff to get rid of acne in it can go a long way... sometimes being a teen is hard but you gotta know you cant let having perfect skin ruin your life, consult a doctor once or twice about medication and the rest of the time have fun! hope this helps
Spots are nottt gooodd Comments By: Sophie on 2010-04-09
Helloo, i'm currently suffering from a breakout, now my spots arent terrible, but to me, every spot looks terrible lol! Its hard to find the confidence to go out etc when you have spots but to be honest i expect most people don't even notice!. The thing that really gets to me is, it will finally look like spots are going down and then another two pop up! ha! lucky me eyy! Well i do have to agree with the water thing, water is good for you, and even if you don't have spots you should really drink water as much as you can, its so good for you! And it does improve your face after a little while. I've stayed away from makeup as much as i can, but i know sometimes a bit of makeup is needed. Tea tree oil seems to work quite well, and also just a little thing that seems to work from me is No7's total renewal protect and perfect line. I use the microdermabrasion exfoliator and it makes my face really smooth and its also meant to work wonders on acne scars! However you are not supposed to use this in conjunction with acne medicines. But you have to remember, everyone gets spots, some minor, some severe! It'll get better and it'll get worse. Just eat healthy, drink water, GET SLEEP, sleep does wonders for your skin. And wash your face twice a day, warm water to open pores, cold water to close them. Do not touch your face, i know its hard, i have to force myself not to sometimes! But it really will make your spots worse.

Good luck! Remember your not aloneee:)

ok so you metioned Comments By: natalie on 2010-07-20
ok so you metioned toothpaste and i have been searching and alot of people said that. so yes i am going to try itf. well i am only 11 turning twelve soon. lots of people think im like 16 though. well out of all my friends im the only one with zits. so i get kinda depressed and think im ugly so i hope it works and [email protected]!!
OMG!! Comments By: Chorus on 2010-10-15
that is soooo right... i have toothpaste on my face right now... and im a teenager... and acne is my worst nightmare... UGH!! Well thx 4 everything... OH! dont forget to really try not to touch your face. thx again... l8r!?

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