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Getting Organized � Home Office

Have you been interested in getting your home office organized but just can�t seem to find the time? Do you want to put your papers and your information in order in a manner that is going to make your entire life easier? Using the tips and ideas I have for you about a home office, you can put your papers, books, files and more in order so you can function better in your home office. 

Who has a home office?
It seems that more often we almost all have some type of home office. With the age of computers, we are spending more on setting up an office for studying, for research and sometime even just for playing online. A home office is a center of information for your past, present and for your future needs. 

What you will need to do in order to get organized?
You need at least a full afternoon or an evening so you can get through the majority of your paperwork. You will need another afternoon or evening so you can organize the files on your computer. Depending on how complex your family�s needs are you could spend more or less than ten hours on this project. If you are anything like me, I had papers in the cupboard, in the drawers of my dresser and all over the top of my desk, so it took me longer than ten hours to get everything I wanted organized done and completed. 

Getting Started 
In order to make the most of your time you will need to get started on the books, papers and the piles of things you have on your desk and in your office. What you will do is make a few piles. A things to do pile, a file away done pile, and a junk pile. Of course the junk pile is what you don�t need, what you are going to through away. 

After you have finished sorting out the junk that you don�t need and you throw them away you are left with a pile that will need filed away. Getting a few file folders for each year is going to help you start getting organized. Putting things in the drawer or at least in large envelopes daily or weekly you are going to be able to stay organized. 

Now you are left with a pile of papers that have that famous to do name. To do things are stuff like, bills to pay, calls to make, stuff you want to follow up on or along those lines. Take the to do pile and tackle at least one problem or task a day. In doing this you can lessen what is in your to do pile daily. You might feel as if this pile never really goes away, because it won�t. As you get your mail daily and as your life continues, things will be put in your to do pile but constantly moving and working on things in the to do file, you can then move items from this pile into the filed places or into the garbage when you are done with them. 

As you are getting organized you will find that you are building more time into your daily routine. Putting things away where they go when you are reading things daily, as you pay the bills, and as you don�t need things, you will be keeping your life simpler and cleaner. The simpler your life becomes you find you have more time on your hands because you are not procrastinating about those things like this that you don�t want to do. Besides you won�t have those huge piles anymore and your office space becomes one that will welcome you!

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