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Laundry and Stains Hand Washing Machine from Plastic Jug

Submitted by Deborah

This is an idea for college dorm students or apt. dwellers who dread going to the laundry room.

Take a large, empty plastic jug that has a large mouth and lid, like a dry pet food jug, etc. Place small clothing items like underwear, gowns, camisoles, t-shirts, handkerchiefs, etc. in the jug with a little liquid detergent and warm water. Replace the lid and shake the jug for a couple of minutes. Let it sit for a while (maybe while you are in class!) and shake it again and then empty and rinse items thoroughly.

You could rinse in the jug with fabric softener added if you like. Wrap in towel to remove excess water or just squeeze. Hang to dry. My apt. dwelling daughter started using this method when her expensive underwear started disappearing from the community laundry room! Now she reserves her trips for just the large items like jeans, towels, bedding.

Saves her time, money and I think will prolong the life of her nice things, too!

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