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Poker Fun at Home

Searching for all types of things that you and your friends can do at home without having to spend a lot of money or without having to get babysitters is something that a lot of people are always trying to do. If you are searching for something fun to do at home, I thought I would tell you all about how to play poker so you and your friends can get together for an evening of fun without the worry about where to go!

What are the advantages of playing cards at home?
You donít have to get out and go anywhere. When you play cards at home, you only need a deck of cards, a table, and a few refreshments. If everyone brings something simple like a soda, a bag of chips or such, hardly any money has to really be spent at all!

What is the excitement of playing poker?
Because this is a structured game, you have to think a little, have a little luck, and it will all add up for a great fun night. Later on in this article I will tell you the basic hands that you can play to win, so in case you are betting snacks, dimes, nickels or just poker chips you know how to play well. The excitement of cards, playing poker, is that everyoneís luck changes, everyone has a bad hand, a good hand, and sometimes luck does come into play during this game.

While you are playing cards, everyone is on their own team, no two people are playing together so you can talk about other things in life, like music, the weather, the kids, school or what ever and have a good time while you are together. You can play poker with three or more people. You can play poker with just two people, but most often people donít find this as exciting because there are not as many cards being used at the same time.¬†

When you are playing poker, you are going to deal five cards to each person. This is card five card draw. You can throw in up to three cards. If you are holding an ace in your hand, you can show the ace, and then throw four cards. After everyone throws in their cards additional cards are dealt to each person for the cards that were thrown in. Now you have five cards in your hand and each person will make a bet if they have the highest hand, or not. There are some great players who will bluff their way through this game with a low hand, but they can end up winning the pot if everyone else stops putting in and betting on their hands. 

So first, we will talk a little about what the different hands are that you can use to win. 
The hands are: royal flush which is starting with the ace, and going down, all of the same suit. Meaning the ace, king, queen, jack, and ten, all of the same suit

The straight flush is five cards all of the same suit, but it does not include the ace. It could be the ten, nine, eight, seven, six and the five but they all have to be of the same suit. 

Four of a kind is the next highest hand, which is just that four of any one number in your hand. 

A full house is next with three of a kind and then also a pair in the same hand. So you have three of any number or face card, plus you have two matching cards in your hand for a full house. 

A flush is the next highest poker hand. A flush is five cards, that donít have to be in any type of particular order but they do all have to be the same suit. The same suit is all hearts, all diamonds, all clubs or all spades.¬†

A straight is another popular hand, that is any five cards in order, but not all of the same suit. 

Three of a kind, and then two pairs and then one pair are the lower winning hands in the game of poker.

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