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Hot Sauce is great for a sore throat

Eating hot salsa (as hot as you can stand it) really helps with a sore throat.I usually eat salsa & chips works great!

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TABASCO KILLS SORE THROAT Comments By: Matt Young on 2005-03-21
WRONG AGAIN ! Not enough PUNCH ! The sore throat is of course due to throat germs. But, it could also be from STRAINED VOCAL CHORDS. If it is vocal chords, your voice will sound shaky anyway, so unless you sound like CHEWBACA you've got some germs in your throat (who ya been kissin?).

So if it's not a VOCAL thing, don't stuff around, reach straight for the TABASCO then back that up straight away with LISTERINE (deep gargle the listering into the back of your throat).

If you're not a fire breathing, venom spitting, 2 legged reptillian, and you can't put the Tabasco to your lips, go for a glass of hot water and a healthy TABLE-SPOON of salt and DEEP GARGLE IT into the back of your throat.

My Grandmother taught me that one, and as a kid, it worked !


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