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Dog POO in one place only !

Submitted by Matt Young

Got a DOG ! DoG POOS everywhere right ? Don't want dog to POO everywhere...OK...here's the quick fix.

Grab a heavy duty plastic bag, cut a hole in it and thread the dogs tail through the hole, then, puncture a couple of much smaller holes around the other side of the bag and thread a strap through the holes and tie off over the dogs hips. This way dog POOS inh the bag and stays in the bag and doesn't end up all over the dam back yard as just another LAND MINE !

Visitors comments

this is not humane Comments By: lauren on 2005-03-25
this tip is not humane and dogs who dont like it will find a way to take the bag off and then dog crap will be all over the carpet!!!!
Not Humane at All Comments By: anon on 2005-03-26
If your dog cannot control his bladder, then take him to a vet, and possibly use a store-bought diaper. But if your dog is otherwise healthy and just craps wherever because he isn't trained (your fault!), deal with it. This tip is inhumane and should be removed.
this is abismal Comments By: Anon on 2005-03-27
just train the dog using treats not in this awful lazy excuse for a solution.
doggy dipers are crul Comments By: anon on 2005-03-28
dogs are like babys they dont like dipers. and a dog will natualry try to bit the bag off this can prevent the dog from breathing. heres a better tip walk the dog in the neighbors yard :-)
Bad Comments By: micaela on 2005-03-28
Oh heck no! ok i agree with "lauren" dog crap will get all over the carpet and u will have to clean it up.
Or Comments By: Jerry on 2005-03-28
Or you could train the dog to go in one spot.
what a freakin genius Comments By: Chuck on 2005-05-02
matt...is this how you were potty trained?
sounds like you need a plastic bag to hold your brain in place.....your tip was either a bad joke or you need HELP!

Hillarious Comments By: billy on 2005-05-22
well, you got to addmit that its kinda funny. I couldnt stop laughing when i read this. next time you may want to come up with a real idea, not an ovious one.
please be joking Comments By: s on 2005-06-15
I hope you made that comment as a joke but it wasn't funny. I hope you don't even own a dog because that's abuse.
pretty easy Comments By: mari on 2005-07-19
it's the easiest way to keep a dogs poop in one place without spreadin' all over the place. I'm just too lazy.
what !! Comments By: Tuan Dao on 2005-08-02
i dont agree because dogs are like human and they like to be free so they eveanutually gonna bite the bag off.
The MOST rediculous thing I've ever heard of!!! Comments By: MaltiMom on 2005-11-30
Nasty, nasty, nasty!!!

Whoever thought up this brainless idea should be banned from owning anything with a pulse.

Idiot!! Comments By: Kathy on 2005-12-04
What an idiot you are. You shouldn't even have a dog! If anyone tries this you're just as stupid!
Good Grief Comments By: Virginia on 2006-03-15
I'm with the majority. Here's my first thought: How many times a day you changing that thing? Or do you just make him lie down in it.
Yep, sounds cruel to me. Not to mention, ingesting plastic causes asphyxiation, if you hadn't heard... Nice guy. Do the kind thing and turn your pets over to SPCA.

DoG POO!? Comments By: Icey on 2006-10-03
Wow. Maybe someone really likes the word Poo to be in all caps, or maybe they just don't know how to use a keyboard. Whoever posted this mentally defficiant tip was probably just flinging "Landmines." I doubt s/he has a dog.
Plastic Bag On Dog Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-28
HORRIBLE! Give the dog to someone who will treat it with loving care. Your tip is SICK!
amazing Comments By: liz on 2009-04-06
Amazing that so many people believed that this tip was for real!
Responsible dog training Comments By: Mary E.Paris on 2010-02-06
Look-I'm sick of hearing all these problems people are having with their dogs!This cruel person hasn't the faintest idea about keeping dogs. My dogs are my life but I was super strict with them as puppies and it paid off!! Everything depends on the OWNERS and family NOT that poor animal. You DON'T allow it to go onto the sofa as a pup and for beddies you have it sleep indoors in ONE place only-not all over the house! If it has a bad belly during the night it'll be done there and even then you should show disgust because he should have yelped to be let out. Upstairs should be off limits!! Your dog will be just as happy be more respectful if you lay down a few rules. I must add one more thing...carpets are filthy things and I'm sorry but vacuming is not enough as there will always be germs, stains, smell and dirt. In Italy we have beautiful ceramic or wood flooring which can be gently washed every day so even with pets you have a spotless house. Our winters are worse than the UK so don't use the cold as an excuse!
You guys are boring. Comments By: Pen Island on 2010-10-22
You guys should lighten up, you can clearly see that its a joke with all the exclamation points and capitalization. I hope i dont turn into you guys when i get old and wrinkly...disgusting.

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