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Frizzy hair. How to deal with this problem hair

Submitted by lauren

If you have really frizzy hair and you are all out of frizz ease just run a dryer sheet through your hair it will add shine control frizz and your hair will have a great smell!!!

Or you could add baby powder to soak up the extra oil. (beware if your a brunette on that last tip use baby powder spraingly and blow dry when down other wise end up having hair as white as grandmas!!!)

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too much conditioner Comments By: Michele on 2005-06-03
when you're in a hurry and you've used too much conditioner, don't worry. If you're a blonde sprinkle baby powder on you scalp. It soaks up the oil. brush it through then just give it a shake.

If you're a brunette, use salt, the baby powder will give you white hair.

Really? Comments By: jezz on 2006-02-20
I have one problem with this. I have dusty blonde hair, and when I use baby powder, it makes my hair greyish. So, just a warning to any dark blondes reading this- you might want to go with the brunette side of the tip.
what is a dryer sheet? Comments By: katie on 2006-06-20
i reli want to try this im a brunettte and have hilighted hair, the top of my hair is shiny blondy and soft and striaght , but the underneaths are very dark brown and frizzy, my hairdresser said its common to have two different hairtpes but nothing is workin to tame the frizzy bits in my hair!

TipKing says: A dryer sheet is a fabric softener sheet that you toss in the tumble dryer to soften your clothes. They have different brand names depending on your country

bad har Comments By: anon on 2008-10-30
um how do i deal with frzzy hair? look this is my problem. a lady cut my hair and she cut it up to my sholders. my hair was naturaly straight, but thats when my hair turned frizzy. this is also wierd. the top of my hair is still siky straight. only the top layer but the rest as in all the bottom layer of my hair is frizzy,dry,hard,rough,not straight and have split ends. a lot of split ends!!!! wut can i do

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