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Use lipstick for all over color

Submitted by lauren

If you buy a lip stick that you like alot and it matches your skintone you can use it as a blush and eyeshadow too!! it will make your makeup bag a little less packed and will save you money!!!

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Good Comments By: Anon on 2005-03-27
this was effective and meant i could carry a much smaller bag, thanks for the tip.
Not a bad idea Comments By: Ashley on 2005-03-29
I often use my lipstick as eyeshadow and to highlight my cheekbones. Be careful is the stick is too slimy or sticky, it may clog your pores.
** As a side note, I also use shimmery eye shadow to add a little punch to dull lips. Just accent the top and bottom and you've got a perfectly sparkled pout.

Clog pores Comments By: Anon on 2005-04-02
it may clog your pores, if you're looking for something to take up less space, buy something that's specifically for eyes, lips, and cheeks, like a stain. but lipstick will clog your skin, and it probably will smudge on your eyelids
your right Comments By: lauren on 2005-04-08
your right it can clog your pores just use eye shadowm for blush and blush for eyesahdow it works too!!! thanx lauren from the tip
I love this Comments By: Erin on 2005-08-08
I have been using my favorite lipsticks for my eyes for years but i have never tried it as blush. Thanks for the idea!
??? Comments By: iLL take mY chAnceS on 2009-01-24
I agree its very convenient BUT I wud look more in2 this.. If it was made for the face and eyes wudnt it say so on the package? For all I kno it can cause me to break out or something! But hey as long as ur not gna try this everyday ill go for it!

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