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Cure for hiccups with a match

Submitted by Jennifer

Light a match, dip the lit match in a cup of water, then drink a few sips of the water. It works every time!

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whuh? Comments By: nunya... on 2005-04-02
a lighter in a cup of water?!! oooooooooooh kai..... r u on crack?

TipKing says: I think that the sulphur from the match is what the tip is saying. Nothing about a lighter...

I THINK IT WORKED!!! Comments By: kingpin skinny pimp on 2006-03-13
i tried it n nuthing happened so i while i was reding another way to cure hicups it went away!!! i guess it just takes a lil bit to kick in
Good Comments By: -Lińc on 2006-03-19
I had the hippcups all night, it was so bad, the wife kicked me out to the couch. I fell asleep but they were back in the morning. A match in some water, hell at this point i'll try anything. My case was bad so i tried two matches in the one cup. IT WORKED!! I could not believe it. I used the Strike Anywhere Matches. It left some scum on the top of the water but to my suprise it didn't taste bad at all.
Now...does anyone know a good cure for whiplash?

Wow! I will remember this one. Comments By: Paul C on 2006-07-05
After 2 days of on and off again hic ups I was getting desparate. The drrinking water and breathing into a bag doesn't work for me. So I tried this match and water thing and it actually worked. How does anyone figure this stuff out. I will definately remember this one. Thank you, thank you and thank you.
follow-up from Jen( I am the one who submitted this tip) Comments By: jennifer on 2006-07-18
For those of you who are wondering how this works, here's the secret....SULFUR!! Drink any EDIBLE liquid with sulfur in it(I have no clue what, though) and it will work. The match in the water thing is a VERY old military trick.. a "quick fix" during combat!! (my great-uncle taught my mom this trick)... but be smart, do this in moderation.. thanks
Who Knew Comments By: Trish on 2007-01-14
The match worked within about a minute for me after 1/2 hour of hic ups. Thanks

hicups Comments By: abbey awosika on 2007-11-09
i have been down for 2days with malaria,i lieve in Nigeria,in lagos.i was dead worried as i had not heard hicups in yanks so i decided to check on the netand tried the match teraphy,it worked.this is a miracle!
this is good Comments By: amor malo on 2008-01-25
my dad saide it was assome thanik you
Amazing! Comments By: Kyle K. on 2008-03-09
I had chronic hip ups...tried everything.
They usually last about 2 hours.
Tried this tonightwhen all else failed and it worked instantly!
Thanks so much.

so simple! Comments By: nicola on 2008-05-30
the water tastes pretty good too with the smell of burnt out matches
Just Great - I got to go to sleep. Comments By: Bob on 2008-07-10
After having hickups on an off most of the day, they were constant during the night and i could not ger rid of them. 1 match, 1cup of water, and 15 minutes later - Gone. I just woke up and I am grateful. No hiccups now. Thank you!
Ergh it tastes disgusting but worked Comments By: Leanee on 2008-08-23
i used a twig and lit it up with my lighter then put it in the glass, tasted awful.
probably isnt the same but it worked!!

This works, but... Comments By: Sal on 2009-02-03
This does work. I think it's the sulfur. BUT you have to drink it down at one time. You cannot sip it or try to do it in several sips. You need to get a glass of water (around 4-6oz will do), light the match, put it out in the water, and then gulp it down. After that, they're gone.
another success story Comments By: melly on 2009-02-08
My daughters boyfriend has had the hicups none stop for about 3 hours. I had him eating sugar and drinking water.... was about to have him start breathing in a paper bag... and then I found this. THANK YOU! It worked immediately
Heck Yea Comments By: snipes on 2009-04-29
My sweetheart of a girlfriend was hiccupping sp. for an hour, tried holding her breath, scaring her, and drinking water to no avail. Google rocks and so does your tip with the 'match in the water'. It worked instantly, though I couldn't trick her into chewing on the match after, jk.
Hiccups Destroyed In An Instant Comments By: Rainy G on 2009-07-07
My coworker Laura noticed that I had the hiccups. I was a little more than apprehensive when she suggested that I try the matches in the cup of water trick. I thought: What kind of voodoo is this? I went for it any way. In less than 30 seconds, my hiccups disappeared. She challanged me, saying "got any hiccups for me?" "Go ahead. Give it a shot". I happily replied..."I got nothing". It really does work: Take a cup of water light two matches and then drop them in the water, drink and viola!!! You are hiccup free! Thanks Lauara, Lauara!
totes magoats Comments By: breal on 2009-08-20
it totally worked. i wanted my boyfriend to be wrong so bad when he handed me this dixie cup of water with a freshly extinguished match in it....but alas....he was right.....i love that the cursed hiccups are gone and i curse that he was right....
It works!! Comments By: Fitzy! on 2009-09-30
it worked like 2seconds latter
Yep, it's the only one Comments By: bob on 2009-10-05
...that has worked for me, ever. I learned it from a housemate who was a doctor, and he actually used it in the emergency room several times.
it WORKS Comments By: me on 2009-10-11
my grandpa always does this for me if i have the hiccups, it really works. just take a big gulp, you'll be surprised. yeah, i think it's something to do with sulfer, too
for real!? Comments By: Andrew on 2009-11-29
I cant believe it!It worked.I tried everything i could think of!I freakin cant believe it but it really really worked!Thank you so much!!!!
it frickin works!!!!!!!!! Comments By: toby on 2009-12-25
my great friend has been having hic ups for hours on endfor weeks and keeps losing his breath: we used two matches in a small glass and 30 seconds later>>>>>> BINGO! thank you soooooooo much to the person that posted this!. merry christmas from the Bahamas!
holy hiccup moly!!! Comments By: nin on 2010-08-11
that is the best remidy i have eva known for anythin!! had hiccups for at least an hour and its been getting on my right bloody nerves!!! thank u soooo much to the saint that put that on... i love u!!!! hahaha
Red Phosphorus? Comments By: BRAD-KIDD on 2011-04-20
Matches contain red phosphorus which is toxic to the body! Red phosphorus is used to produce Crystal Meth Methamphetamine). Red phosphorus has no odour and little taste and is an ingredient in certain commercial rat and cockroach poisons. I have not looked into why the chemicals and/ or elements could cure hic-cups, but I believe the water does more help...

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