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Salt and toothpaste for cold sores

Submitted by miranm1

I stayed up for hours on the internet reading up on cold sore remedies so and the most talked about things i found were toothpaste and salt.

So i tried mixing the to togeather in a thick paste.it worked wonderfully for me.

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Toothpaste works Comments By: mitchwacon on 2005-05-16
Toothpaste is the best thing for a developed cold sores. It cools and numbs the blood flow allowing quick healing. Never break the sores and always wash the sore area before applying the paste. Use regular white tooth paste, not the gel and watch it disappear. This is the best thing to use for the early tingly stage also.
Toothpaste works! Comments By: Krista on 2007-04-19
I have spent alot of money on coldsore remidies for years, then someone suggested toothpaste. I used toothpaste the next time I had a coldsore, and it worked fast!Nomore spending all that money on coldsore treatments that don't make it dissapear any faster.
So far, so good. Comments By: JAMIE on 2007-08-09
I'm trying the toothpaste thing for the first time and I've got to say it's doing something. As soon as I put it on, I could feel it drying up my cold sore. I bought an OTC treatment (Aveeno), it does an OK job, but I can't afford spending ten dollars ona 0.07 OZ tube every time a cold sore comes around. So I am really glad this toothpaste idea is working. Thanks!
Trying Right Now! Comments By: Samantha on 2007-09-08
Iim trying it right now and i can almost feel it working! thanks so much!
great great Comments By: jeremy on 2008-02-01
i can feel it working right noe as it like taking the hurt away
It works. Comments By: ovplain on 2008-03-23
I've been using tooth paste to get rid of my cold sores for years now and it has always worked super fast!:)
Remedy Comments By: aargh on 2008-04-01
I have got a cold sore for the 1st time in years, at the worst possible time, meeting my boyfriends parents. anyway, the salt and tothpaste combo seems to dry it up, but as soon as it was drying, i put fucidin, alcohol which seemed to undo all my work, just trying plain toothpaste now. seems soothing. wish me luck.
Try this,.,. Comments By: Scott From Maine on 2008-04-03
Heres what I did,.,., It hurt, Im not Gonna lie, But hey, Cold sores hurt,.,. First, I put some rubbin alcohol in a spoon and let the cold sore on my lip soak in it for a bout a minute, Figured it would soften up the area (as if it werent already soft) but anyways, Then I used a piece of toilet paper and wiped away the alcohol REAL HARD, Like Scrubbed it off,.,., THEN, threw that away, Used another piece of toilet paper and kinda poppped the bubbled that are the cold sores so that the liquid was oozing out,.,. wiped that away and put more alcohol into the spoon and poured some table salt in there,.,. took another clean peice of toilet paper and wiped up some alcohol and salt from the spoon and applied it to the open sore,.,., and kinda patched the whole cold sore with salt,.,.cuz in order for salt to work it has to be mixed with liquid to desolve, and you can feel it desolving into the open sores,.,. IT STINGS LIKE A #$%!*, But honostly, You can feel it penetrating and working,.,., Good luck if you wish to use this advice,.,., and remember wash you hands and always use clean toilet paper or whatever,.,., the virus lingers!!! Good Luck
Warning Comments By: mk on 2008-04-25
Using salt on a sore of any kind damages the skin around the sore, which increase your chnace of having another cold sore in the same spot.
My tip = ) Comments By: vanessa on 2008-05-08
So ive been having cold sores for a few years , i had abreva and that small tube just doesnt seem to be that efficient for some reason. I suggest that you use ice at the first sign of the infection. it really works! try it and youll see! i used ice & hand syntanizer withh alcohol && aloes gel. Use that it really works! My scold sore barely grew! It been two days now and its practically all gone. theres onlyy the dried up thing there noww. This has been the quickest way its worked for me! Try it! I will try the tooth paste thing for my next one tho!

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