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If you are a redhead here is a makeup tip

Submitted by Lufawnda

Lots of redheads can't seem to find the right makeup. If you have red hair, then a good makeup choice for you is brown or nuetral colors for your eye's and very light or pale color for your cheeks.Use a lip color similar to the color of your hair

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There is one more color Comments By: Erin on 2005-08-08
Green works great for your eyes. I also like the comment about the lips!
Use red mascara too. Comments By: Lisa on 2006-08-10
If you're a redhead, you look ridiculous in black mascara. Your friends and family are just too polite to tell you. Check out justforredheads.com and get the right color.
thats crap Comments By: louyise on 2008-06-19
it all depends wot colour red ur hair is, im a red hw=ead and a make up artist. Black mascara dus work as long as u do it properly...not all red heads are light skined and if u r go 4 a brown but defo not a red thats awful. i love long thick sexy lashes aslong as u do it properly!! my fav mascaras are from rimmel, dnt listen wen people tell u to wera light colours and that thats all that wud suit u. a spay tan works absolute wonders on red heads and u can get a gd one on high street 4 �15
Dont Be Ridiculous! Comments By: Auburnnn :D on 2009-05-17
I'm a natural redhead/auburn haired girl. I am naturally pale also, but my eyelashes have always been black, and my eyebrows a very dark brown. I obviously can wear black mascara as my eyelashes are naturally black.

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