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Bee, wasp or hornet sting try cool tiles or water

Submitted by Shelby Haarhoff

If stung by a bee, wasp or hornet put no weight at all. If you are stung on your foot and place it on a cool tile floor. This will soothe the pain.

Or you can keep it in warm water.I have a bee sting right now and I've tried these tips and they work!

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helpful mud Comments By: evil_rabbit21 on 2005-08-12
I was told by a close friend that if you are stung by a wasp apply mud to the sting and it will draw out the venom. I have tried it, but i am unsure if it works with bees, or hornets.
wasp stings Comments By: carin on 2005-08-18
meat tenderizer and water made into paste helps somewhat
Wasp sting remedies Comments By: Jack Nettleingham on 2006-05-15
Make a compost of Bactine and baking soda. For me it was truly miraculous.
Nothing! Comments By: Katelyn on 2008-08-31
Dont do nothing to it! Here is what you can do!:
1. If you want put cool water on it for about 1 min.
2.If you just got stung pull the stinger out ASAP before the all the venom flows. 3. DONT move. It will only make it pump faster.
4. STAY CALM. If there are still bees aroung you dont make a sound! they will find you and sting you until you are quiet.

Im a child but i know the thing because my daddy keeps bees. I hate getting stung but recently I was stung twice. I knew i should stay calm but coundt. I was stung on y sholder and hand. When you are stung on the back scratch it! the stinger will come out. I was stupid and I didnt stay calm or shut up. All the venom went in my hand when i was stung there. The next morning I hurt so bad I couldnt move my hand one bit or it whould give a painful shock. This is what happens when you let all the posin go through. When it itches I put any kind f loshin I have near me to sooth it. If i dont I itch till i bleed. This is for all stings! Well in the bee family.

Please trust me on these. It really works!


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