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Underwear lasts longer with this tip

Submitted by Sharon

When the elastic is out in your underwear, and the pantyhose are full of runs, just cut off the hose from the panty part and wear them with the outside of the underwear to keep them in place.

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ick! Comments By: la on 2006-10-25
Gross... time to buy a new pair of underwear lady!
no Comments By: brianna on 2006-12-12
thy need to change underwear they need to get a new pair

This is Just Plain GROSS ! Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-03
Hoarders do things like this...They just cannot get Rid of Anything...Free Up Your Life and Throw Away Your Underwear and PantyHose when they get into this Condition ! New Ones are Sold Everyday in Many Stores.....
How GROSS Can One Be ?? Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-03
When Your Underwear & PantyHose have gotten into this type of Condition - Throw Them Away ! These Items in Your Size Are Sold in New Condition Everyday in Many Stores ! I believe in Being Thrifty - But This Sounds More Like Hoarding !

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