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ICE COLD water to stop hiccups?

Submitted by Sara

Has anyone else had success with curing hiccups with ice cold water? I tried it twice and it worked... dont know if its coincidence or real...

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try this Comments By: robert on 2005-04-06
A hiccup is just a spasm in your throat. So i try and keep everything calm for as long as i can, and dont breathe for as along as you can. It will calm itself down :)
Maybe so... Comments By: cher on 2006-05-09
I would have to say there is something to the cold temperature, because whenever my 3-month old baby gets hiccups I give her refrigerated breastmilk and her hiccups are gone in no time. But if I give her warm breastmilk she'll have the hiccups all day. I know for myself, whenever I want to get rid of the hiccups I drink water as superfast as I possibly can until I feel an incredible urge to burp and then once I burp, hiccups are gone.

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