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Enjoying A Campfire. Tips and hints for campfires

Imagine a great camping vacation with your family. There is so much to explore and enjoy on a camping trip. The most enjoyable and relaxing thing on a camping trip is the crackling of the campfire. 

Its hard to imagine a camping trip without a campfire they go hand in hand. Cooking over the hot coals and then firing it up and sitting around and singing campfire songs or just listening to the crackling sound of the wood burning. So warm, toasty and relaxing, what would camping be like without it? 

Lets go over some tips about creating a campfire and the safety issues that you should be concerned about. 
First find a level spot and clear all debris and avoid areas with overhanging branches that could cause a fire hazard. 

Youll need to construct a fire ring. Gather rocks and make a round ring to build your fire in.

Always have a bucket of water, shovel and fire extinguisher nearby and ready to put out a fire.

Gather the materials needed to create a successful campfire

  • Tinder small twigs, wood shavings, dry leaves or needles. This should start to burn immediately with a lighted match.
  • Kindling small sticks one inch around or less. Small dry branches lying on the ground will work well.
  • Fuel larger wood that keeps the fire going.

Key elements required for a fire to burn properly. When one of these three things are removed, the fire stops burning.

  • Fuel material that will burn
  • Heat enough heat to bring fuel to ignition
  • Air to provide oxygen to burning process

Start with a couple hands full of tinder loosely piled in the center of your fire ring.

Determine the direction of the wind, with your back to the wind, protected by the cup of your hand, ignite tinder with a match. Discard used match into the fire.

Slowly add more tinder. You may need to blow softly at the base of the fire this will provide the oxygen to the burning process.

Once the tinder has fully started to burn, slowly add some smaller pieces of kindling. Keeping it close together but allow space for air to circulate.

Gradually increase the size of the kindling you add to the campfire.

When you have a good fire going, add the fuel one piece at a time. Keep adequate airflow.

Two types of campfires for you to consider making, a Tepee Campfire and Crisscross Campfire.

  1. Tepee is good for quick cooking. The heat is concentrated in one spot. Lay the fuel over your kindling just like a tepee.
  2. Crisscross is good for a long lasting fire with a lot of coals. This is a great fire to sit around and enjoy the night air. Lay the fuel over the kindling in a crisscross pattern.

Safety is the most important part of the campfire.

  • NEVER build a fire near tents or other flammable items.
  • NEVER start a fire with a flammable liquid such as gas or oil.
  • NEVER leave a fire unattended.
  • Build only a fire the size you need.
  • Make sure you completely extinguish the fire before leaving the campsite.
  • Scatter ashes or ember out.
  • Sprinkle with water and stir with a stick. Repeat until all ashes are out.
  • Drench charred logs.
  • Repeat until all ashes and logs are completely cold.

A campfire can be so relaxing to sit around on a starry night with the crickets chirping and the owls hooting. All of nature wonders are around you and your family. Making memories that you or your family will always remember. 

One thing for sure you do not want anything hazardous to happen so always remember to follow the safety tips on putting out a fire. Remind your children to always be careful while walking around or near the campfire. Be especially careful during dry weather, the sparks from your fire could ignite a fire a short distance from you, which could cause a dangerous situation.

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