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Cooking Over A Campfire. Tips and hints

Camping out in the outdoors doesnít mean that youíre not able to cook up some of your family favorites. When packing the right cooking equipment you can cook up breakfast, lunch, and dinner and donít forget the snacks.¬†

It can all be cooked over your campfire. 

Take a large inexpensive plastic container and place the following items into it, this will keep all your cooking supplies in one place and itíll stay more organized.

Items for cooking: Matches, aluminum foil, nonstick cooking spray, coat hangers, cooking sticks and holders, spatula, wire grill, measuring cups and spoons, long handled turner and tongs, paper towels, knife and can opener.

Items needed for eating: Plastic table cover, paper plates, cups and plastic silverware. Salt, pepper, and other seasonings, drinks, catsup, mustard, etc.

Items needed for clean up: dishcloth, washtub, biodegradable soap, plastic garbage bags (one for trash and another one for recyclable items), resealable plastic bags (for leftovers).

For breakfast consider scrambled eggs. Use a sheet of aluminum foil, spray one side with nonstick cooking spray, place one slice of bread in the middle of the aluminum foil, add one egg slightly beaten, a slice of cheese and a slice of ham, place another piece of bread on top of all. Then bring two opposite sides of foil together, fold foil down to the food. Then gently flatten the ends of the pouch and roll toward the center. 

The bundle should now be tightly sealed. Place pouch in the hot coals so that it cooks evenly. Use long-handled turner to flip (be careful not to puncture the foil).

Consider making baked beans. Take 16-ounce can baked beans, Ĺ medium onion (chopped), 1-teaspoon mustard, 2 tablespoons catsup and 1-tablespoon brown sugar. Place all ingredients onto a square piece of foil; fold into a pouch and seal. Cook in hot coals for about fifteen minutes or until heated.

Now for some desserts! Here are a few of my childrenís favorite, try them out and they will become your favoriteís also.¬†

Take a square piece of foil and place one small apple (cut in small pieces), a handful of raisins, a few chopped nuts, a couple of marshmallows, a teaspoon butter and 1 tablespoon of syrup. Fold foil into a pouch and place it in hot coals. Cook about 10 minutes, remove, open and enjoy!!

Letís make some popcorn! Place ľ cup vegetable oil, Ĺ cup of popping corn and 1-teaspoon salt unto an 18 inch square piece of foil. Fold into a pouch by carefully turning down all seams just twice so steam will not escape. Leave plenty of room for the corn to pop. Hold pouch with a stick, by gently poking it through the center of the top just under the fold. Hold over low heat and shake gently and constantly. When popping slows down remove from heat and carefully open pouch and enjoy.

The most popular of all is Símores. Who doesnít love these delicious chocolate favorites? Símores is as fun to make as they are to eat, letís get started.

You will need 1 whole graham cracker, Ĺ milk chocolate candy bar (with or without nuts), and 1 marshmallow. Break the graham cracker in half. Place half chocolate bar on one piece of the graham cracker. Set aside.¬†

Place marshmallow on a roasting stick. Toast it over the hot coals until golden brown. Place the toasted marshmallow on top of the chocolate and top with the other half of the graham cracker. Press and hold together for about 30 seconds, this allows the hot marshmallow to melt the chocolate. Then set back and enjoy your creation. 

So many food favorites can be cooked over a campfire and hot coals. Most of the time all that is needed is aluminum foil. Using foil is also easier on clean up just cook, eat and toss. How convenient is that? Take time and enjoy your outdoor cooking.

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