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Your Child�s Birthday

It only comes once a year but they seem to come around rather quickly. I�m talking about your child�s birthday. Those years seem to fly right by, before you know it they�ll be all grown up. Make your child�s birthday as memorable as possible. With the right planning and organization your child could have an unforgettable birthday. 

First make a list of party guests. Family members only, are suitable for much younger children. Friends may be included for older children, although you may want to consider two parties (one for family and another for friends) depending on the size of guest list you prepared. 

I know you�re probably thinking that you�re going to spend a fortune but it doesn�t have to be that way. Cutting some corners and shopping at your local dollar store will make this party more affordable than you can imagine.

Have your child pick her favorite theme and work around it. Say she wants Barbie (a little girl�s favorite) purchase the invitation in the selected Barbie theme (as many as needed). Purchase only one package of the following (in the selected theme) no matter how many guests you have, tablecloth, napkins, cups, and plates. 

Go to your local dollar store and purchase additional cups, plates and napkins in a corresponding color (such as pink for Barbie). Adults do not care if they have a Barbie plate, they are just happy to celebrate your child�s special day. Buy one special Barbie balloon and surround it with plan white and pink balloons. Balloons are a cheap way to decorate a party up and also a party favorite.

Why not make the cake yourself. Go to your local craft store where special cake pans can be purchased in numerous themes. If this is a little too much than just make a sheet cake, decorate it up with your child�s name and garnish with sprinkles. This cake could be made at � the cost of a store bought sheet cake.

Don�t go all out and feel like you have to feed everyone. Your guests know that they�re at a party not a holiday meal. Have some snacks such as chips, pretzels, and juice. With cake and ice cream you�ll have plenty.

Always plan your child�s party age appropriate for your child, not for your guests. This is your child�s special day keep him in mind when planning. If you have a very young child, he/she may not be old enough to play games, so skip the games even if you have older children at the party. By all means play lots of games if your child is older; playing games is a birthday favorite at the right age.

Some fun party games to play with the children could include:

The favorite pin the tail on the donkey but get creative. For my son�s birthday, his theme was rescue heroes, so we took a picture of our local fire truck (with a digital camera) had the picture printed on a poster size paper, we than had the children pin the lights on the fire truck, the cost was $3.00, and the children just loved it. Now my son has the poster in his bedroom as a birthday remembrance. 

Prior to blowing the balloons up place a sheet of plan paper in the balloons include a few with stickers, toward the end of the party have the children pop the balloons and the child/children whom find the paper with the sticker on it will receive a present. This helps with clean up, the balloons are getting popped and discarded for you.

Place various party favors in a balloon than inflate and tie. The children will have a blast popping the balloons one after another to find the treasures. You could have two different colors of balloons to have a distinction between boys and girls.

Place a sticker on the bottom of the children�s dessert plate indicating a winner.

With smaller children set the party time at an hour, for older children set it at two hours. Have fun and enjoy these days with your child, they are growing so fast!!

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