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Skin SO Soft for flea control

Submitted by Shannon

A good flea remedy for dogs, bathe them in skin so soft it is by Avon, fleas cannot stand the"woodsy" smell, I use the Blue one(once a month).

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Flea Free For 11/12 years Comments By: Ingrid on 2005-07-10
I have bathed my dog in Skin So Soft since he was a puppy, 11 1/2 years ago. He has never had a flea. Any Skin So Soft bath oil works.
shampoo/ or oil Comments By: Delores on 2006-01-27
Which should I do, wash with the oil or, with the wash for one month. I did not know that you can wash a dog with the oil. I also would like to know if it takes care of ticks as well. I have skin so soft oil in a greenish blue container, is that it.

TipKing Says: Sounds like you have the same stuff. It is always difficult when tips sent in are so short.

Skin So Soft / Avon flea treatment Comments By: Linda K Fontenot on 2006-04-28
I sell AVON and have used it on my dogs for 14 years. It is excellent. I just bathed my 2 dogs, and after bathing and rinsing them I put SSS bath oil on them and rubbed it into the fur. Works good!
skin so soft on sores Comments By: terry on 2008-06-17
i have been wanting to try the skin so soft on my lab, but he has sores from scratching and itching so much that i am afraid that it will burn or sting. does anyone have any idea about this.
SSS has worked for years Comments By: Autumn on 2008-07-05
I am actually a Avon rep and use the Skin so Soft line for all kinds of things. I have used it to keep bugs off myself and my pets, including fleas.


fleas Comments By: shannon on 2008-09-30
is this safe for nursing dogs too
dry skin and itching Comments By: robin on 2009-01-26
i have a 6 month old shih poo and he is scratching like crazy do you think avon sss will help with that im also a rep for avon so i have tons of it at home
My chow has ticks and fleas Comments By: Daphne on 2009-02-17
He scrathes until his skin has sores can i use skin so soft please say yes i feel so bad because all he does is scratch and frontline is to much money for my budget I have skin so soft at home can I try it to see what happens
Skin so soft Comments By: Michelle on 2009-10-12

item #063-989

It really works great.

Skin So Soft Comments By: Avon Manasota on 2009-12-25
You can get Skin So Soft Bath Oil at http://www.youravon.com/kgerhart

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Skin so soft by avon Comments By: Woodie on 2011-03-02
Skin so soft oil is THE BEST thing to use against midges as well, ask any scot from the west coast! It smells nice, its good for your skin, its cheaper than midgey sprays and its harmless and the midges hate it!

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