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Baby pee for a sty

Submitted by Dr. Raymond L. Banks

Take an eyedropper with a good amount of baby urine in it, drop one or two drops (depening on how large your eye is)directly into your eye. This will cure a sty within minutes. Caution: this may burn and have an unpleasant odor.

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I don't believe this... Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-23
Number 1, where are most people going to find baby pee, and number 2, why would any reputable doctor recommend this?
Yea right Comments By: ANON on 2005-05-24
Oh yeah...baby pee...that'll definitley work. ONLY IT MIGHT GET BATERICA INTO YOUR EYES!
Interesting. Comments By: anon on 2005-07-21
this sounds reasonable.
i think my grandma used to do it.
and for that person above me...
your urine acutally has LESS bacteria than your saliva.
so i think you are pretty much safe there.

What the?? Comments By: Amy on 2005-11-08
This is digusting, there is NO way I would try this...
uh-huh Comments By: Daisia Bloodworth on 2005-12-23
baby pee in your eye yea i'd like to see you people put a video on this site of someone puttin baby pee in their eye. i will believe it when i see it what do you think i wuz born yesterday! are u guys trying to make everybody blind and burn their eyeballs out!!! yea sure i'll do it on the 13th of neverary!!!!! i wish there was a rating lower then 1! ha u guys crack me up!
Not me!! Comments By: Brandi on 2006-03-17
LOL! Nice try Dr. Banks! Where did you get your degree? Clown College. I have some advice for you... eating dog poop cures morning mouth.
i've seen it work! Comments By: Natasha on 2006-05-27
My cousin put a drop of pee on her son's sty and it reduced the swelling pretty fast. As to whether it was baby pee or not, I can't say.
Negitive comments - KEEP TO YOURSELF -small minded people Comments By: Natalie on 2006-06-07
those people that have negitive comments
you dont know till you try. How do you think people coped when there wasnt any medicines and things like that. Its the chemicals from docs. telling you try this try that-that is whats killing us more quicker. Time to go to basics.(they will be telling you a bout take the CHIP!)
Save your comments. When you try it-say what you think. I have a sty right now. I start my new job tomorrow and I look a state with this in my eye all swollen. I going to do it tonight. and I will let you know how I get on......

thanks Comments By: melony on 2006-10-08
i would try this tip but im scared but thanks any way for this good advice
sounds right Comments By: Mary on 2007-02-13
I believe pee will cure a sty. When I was a little girl, I had my ears pierced. The lady that pierced my ears said, "put your pee on your ears whenever you pee so they won't get infected". I know that worked, that's why I think putting pee on a sty sounds right.
plausible Comments By: vink on 2007-02-24
i believe that urine is considered sterile, but still waste. it would be safe for your eyes unless, you have a uti. but can't the "active ingriedient" be sold over the counter. probably something like salt.
Interesting Comments By: Anon on 2007-03-15
Even if we had baby pee, I'm too hesitant to try. Trying tea bag as I type..
PEE IS GOOD. Comments By: samantha on 2007-06-10
Ok,for all of you who dont know anything,pee is actually very good for any type of infection,iin the wars way back when,doctors actually use pee to help keep infection away.

and your pee is sterile.

ill try anything at this time im in pain i have a 1 year old what can it hurt Comments By: chrissy on 2007-06-20
ill try soon as my son gets up
crazy really works Comments By: chrissy in pain on 2007-06-20
would def tell people that it works sounds sick and gross but it works ive had one for 3 days now its almost gone hot rags microwaved works good 2 thank for advice
absolutely crazy Comments By: kristie on 2007-06-24
Urine happens to have a very high bacterial content number naturally. As a microbiology major at uni i would strongly recommend that people stay away from this form of treatment. The urine you put on an eye site is acidic which will cause iritation, and unfortunately it also holds many bacterial organisms within the solution (some may be the same type causing the infection such as Salmonella or E.coli). please note that urine is NOT a sterile solution as someone else posted!! Here's a thought- next time you feel like popping urine in your eye...doctors give urine samples to test for bacterial infections in the bladder region, i seriuosly doubt it will aid with curing an infection at all? google or search urine and see what is really inside the solution you'll be surprised.
googled urine Comments By: anon on 2007-09-11
I googled urine. Every site I checked said urine is sterile. Don't see how it could hurt anything.
URINE MAY BE USED FOR MANY INFECTIONS Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-11
As Samantha mentioned, urine was used back in the days to cure many infections. Still to this day, urine is used to heal warts.
I AGREE WITH DOCTOR, READ BELOW Comments By: Anon on 2007-09-11
URINE is a liquid or semisolid solution of metabolic wastes and certain other, often toxic, substances that the excratory organs withdraw from the circulatory fluids and expel from the body. The composition of urine tends to mirror the water needs of the organism.
NOT absolutely Crazy Comments By: Rob on 2007-09-28
Sorry Kristie,
As you said, they take urine samples to test for bacterial infections. If there was always bacteria in the urine, they wouldn't need to test for it; the result would always be positive, so why bother. Urine is a hostile and toxic environment for bacteria, urine kills! Just ask someone with kidney failure, whose kidneys won't remove the toxic waste from their blood in the form of urine. The reason that urine is removed from the blood is that it is not conducive to life. URINE KILLS

Urine is sterile....inside the body, that is... Comments By: Alicia, LVN on 2007-10-04
When you pee in a cup, you introduce bacteria into the urine that can be either in your urethra or any area of your male or female anatomy. It IS sterile inside the body, as MOST bodily fluids are, but outside of the body, it can become a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. IF you have a urinary tract infection, I do not recommend this method, if not, why not try it? You never really know unless you try, and as with even modern medicines, what works for some will not work for another.
It really works! No one believed me either Comments By: Drew on 2007-10-04
This is an age old remedy.
It really works and fast.
I heard it was best to use your own though

HAHA. Comments By: michelle on 2007-11-05
Information on urine as a medicine Comments By: tom kimmel on 2007-11-14
Wow! I would never have guessed there would be so much negativity about urine as a cure. I was doing research about something else and stumbled on an article about our bodies being acid and alkaly. When we urinate the minerals in our fluids are actually the counterbalance of whatever is ailing us at the moment. This article talked about diluting the urine something like 100 parts water to 1 part urine and then drinking it. I think there is some simple truth to this. They say God has a sense of humor, wouldnt it be ironic if we really could heal ourselves that easily? How much faith do you have today?
IT'S TRUE & IT WORKS!!!!! Comments By: Nana on 2007-11-18
Actually, it's not only baby urine you use. It's your own that you should use. This truly is an age old remedy used not only for styes, but also for pink eye, thrush and acne!!!
works Comments By: essence on 2007-11-24
to everybody who thinks this dosn't work it does every time i get one i put it on there but thats only with my mom im with my dad this weekend and he totally disagrees so im just using a hot rag i can feel it opening up
Poetry Comments By: Thomas on 2008-01-06
"I'd rather have a stye,
than pee-pee in my eye."

I believe!! Comments By: *ME* on 2008-01-26
I actually just stuck my tongue in a bowl of my pee to see if it will heal my canker sore. I believe it will work. My friend told me about the stye thing and her sister did it on her son and IT WORKED!! You don't always HAVE to believe Dr's. Is there any harm in trying something? You WILL NEVER know.
Probably wouldn't try it, but.... Comments By: JCfree on 2008-02-11
Urine is sterile but adults do so much to their body, that it makes adult urine probably unsafe to use. Baby urine is most likely the least toxic making it safe to use.
omg Comments By: michelle on 2008-02-27
hold up let me go get a baby
Skepticism Comments By: B. E. Kinch on 2008-04-18
Age-old remedies are fine, just remember that at one point both blood-letting and leeching were considered very safe and effective ways to treat illnesses. That said, urine is the product of a filtration process that takes place in the nephron tubules of the kidney's medulla and cortex. Blood runs through thousands of small tubules which help to regulate salinity and pH while simultaneously ridding the blood of any toxins or indigestible solutes that may have been ingested - thus, the sterility of urine depends very much on the diet of the individual (an alcoholic is not going to have sterile urine, and is more likely to have bacteria present in the urine due to a possible urinary tract infection). Urine also serves as a carrier for urea - an amino-acid-like molecule which is a by-product of protein synthesis. From a biology-chemistry perspective, it is reasonable that urine could help treat styes and warts, but I think it would be more due to the acidity and salinity of the urine solution rather than anything unique to the urine solution. Measuring the pH and salinity of urine and then recreating a similar solution may be a safer bet, because, even if it sterile, there is always the possibility of the presence of bacteria.
It's nearly sterile. Comments By: James Verbunk on 2008-04-18
While urine is very nearly sterile (unless you have very particular infections) and contains acids (leaves it about pH 6) this can't be the most pleasant thing. I know farmers would urinate on their hands after a particularly grueling day to prevent blisters from becoming infected, but maybe you should just splurge and buy some real medication for your eye.
LMAO Comments By: Dalilah on 2008-04-20
well you all are very funny. i have not laugh like this in a very long time. but i am looking into this. my 5 year old has one and it has been there for about 2 and a half months. will it still work or not? i dont want her to start school again and ve kids ask her what is on her eye. kids can be very mean without knowing what they are saying. but other than that keep it up i love me a good laugh.
Premarin Comments By: allnatural on 2008-04-27
So this seems ridiculous and gross? And PREgnant MAres uRINe does not? That is the source of female hormone therapy. Educate yourself.
It works Comments By: terry on 2008-04-28
I have used that remedy for years. Use your own pee. Doesn't have to be from a baby. I was given this tip years ago and it has always worked for me. Got rid of my stye in one day before a big vacation that I didn't want to look like a freak for.
UMMMM Comments By: vickey on 2008-04-30
ok how do we get baby pee? do we wait for the baby to pee with a bucket under her or do we ring it out of her diaper? lol
I have heard old wives tale that u can do this for ear infections but it has to be fresh, they say it worked for their ears but im not putting anything in my eye unless i know for sure it works. better safe then sorry ;)

I am scared... Comments By: Victoria on 2008-05-10
I actually have four sties at the moment, one on the upper and lower part of the eyelid, on both eyes. I have tried everything from hot cloths to ointments. I don't know anyone who has a baby right now, but I guess I could ask my little brother? I am skeptical about using my own pee because I recently had a UTI...
One little Problem Comments By: Dr. Daddykins on 2008-06-04
Ok, so how do I collect baby urine. I've been standing here with a tiny cup waiting to catch some pee for an hour now! Should I squeeze the baby? Ahh, crap, I missed it! It got all o<er my l<eyb0arD.
I'M GOING TO TRY IT - HEARD IT WORKS Comments By: Sadie on 2008-06-09
I've heard from many intelligent people that using your own urine will cure a sty. Although I've never heard the 'baby urine' advice, it makes sense, as a baby's urine probably contains less toxins. I would try using either, personally. I have a sty now, and I will try using mine or my 4-month-old's urine tonight.
NEED 2 KNOW Comments By: StY EyE on 2008-08-06
Well actually its proably the best thing for u 2 do!
As of Bacteria Proably not enough to harm you because there are many cases when so is trapped in an earth quake and survives on drinking his/her own urine.
but this is the correct way to get rid f your STY PROBLEM!!!!!!!!

2.Get A Pot And Boil The PEE(Just To Kill The Bacteria)
3. Lasty Let It Cool Go Ahead And try The Eye dropper but a rap to the shud do.


NEVER HEARD OF PEE''''FOR THE EYES''''''''NEVER AND IAM OLD''' Comments By: NANNY on 2008-09-04
Come ONNNN!! Comments By: meme on 2008-09-08
Come on everybody calm down.. you know, if i had a sty i would be more than happy to drop smelly yellow baby pee in my eye doing who knows what in there....
NOT!!!! what has this world come to when people take this stuff seriously?? i mean im not saying it doesnt work but if eating horse crap every two hours for a year would cure the common cold i might not bite..
And really!! whether it works or not somewhere between the time your sticking your hand in the toilet bowl and dropping smelly liquid into your eye you have to be thinking.. "hey what the f*** am i doing?!!!"
and what if the baby doesnt want to pee? what if he just peed a few minutes ago and he doesnt want to pee? what do you do toss him out and buy a new one? squeeze him? put water in his mouth and plug his nose? No! no! iv got it.. put him to sleep and then dip his fingers in a glass of water... works every time..
but hey, if you wanna stoop to baby urine then you might as well get the video camera out il pay you 20 bucks for a copy of a moron, a dropper, and a bucket of baby pee...

I swear it works! Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-29
You can use your own urine. Simply pee on a q-tip and dab it on the stye. It will be gone in a day!
My Mother told me to do it! Comments By: Helene Mitauer on 2008-10-24
When I was a little girl and got a stye, my mom told me to put my pee on it. I didn't understand why but my mom knew everything and I didn't question her. I did it and the next day my eye was better. You wouldn't even know I had a stye.
Poor Baby Comments By: carol on 2008-10-28
Let's say it actueally works.This is still the most idiotic advice I have ever heard of. How many people are going to take this adive and put their baby thru pain to catheterize them to get pee to cure something that will go away on it's own? I hope most will just squezze a dirty dipaer! I've also heard of putting breast milk in your babies eye for an eye infection. One better doctors use to diagnose diabites by sipping pee ~ yum. Come on people these are yester - year treatments! We've come a long way since useing bodily fluids as treatments! What does poop cure I wonder???
polysporin Comments By: simone on 2008-11-03
umm, i think I will opt for polysporin, just because pee works, doesnt mean we have to revert to the middle ages. use what the good lord gave ya... MEDICINE!!!
I DONT KNOW Comments By: burger NHLA on 2008-11-04
Im just going to pee and try it on my eye i hope it works
i agree pee works Comments By: deb on 2009-01-24
I believe that this will work, i used some some of my babies pee when she conjunctivitis and it cleared up straight away.
its amazing! Comments By: kate on 2009-01-06
so i have myself a lovely sty and a school dance is coming up and im willing to try anything! i just peed on a q-tip and put it on my sty,and i can feel it burning (in a good way) so im really hoping its working and its really not that gross. YOU SHOULD TRY IT (:
My Grandmother did it Comments By: Janet on 2009-01-14
My grandmother had an infection in her eye and she put my brother's urine (who was a baby at that time) in her eye. Apparently, it did work. This was in 1980. I don't know exactly what kind of infection she had in her eye but I would recommend seeking a physician's advice first.
My Son Comments By: Kazy on 2009-03-08
My son has had a stye for nearly five weeks we have been to the doctor and have used the medication given and its still here. Not as bed granted but its still here I think we may give it a try and he can use his own, will let you know how we get on, 07/03/09
LIKE YOU ARE A CRAZY Comments By: HANNAH on 2009-03-09

TipKing says: Bit harsh!

Now What? Comments By: Peepee face on 2009-03-11
OK no sty now what's the remedy for getting pee off your face!
WHO CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA AND HOW??? Comments By: The principal on 2009-03-25
Who came up with this remedy and HOW on earth did they even "consider" baby urine, sterile or not?
Yes people it does in fact work Comments By: Kim on 2009-03-27
It does work. I heard about this from my mother in law over 40 years ago and its true. It doesn't have to be babies pee it can be your own and another thing if your baby has cold in his/her eyes the urine will cure that too. Don't laugh until you try it. What if urine became the new way to lose weight and could be put in a pill,I bet you'd try it.Lol!
Keratitis disease Comments By: sheshe on 2009-03-31
the use of urine to treat the infection was picked up by senior opthalmologists around the province who found incidences of keratitis, a disease of the eye, in many of the patients.

"Keratitis can lead to permanent damage of the eye which will impair vision and even lead to blindness," he said.

Pi**y Pete Comments By: Frances on 2009-04-25
How come when R.Kelly pee'd on someone and it was trouble, now kid get to pee on people with no consequence.
What's the deal?

Science Comments By: vIQleS on 2009-07-20
"It does work - I heard it from my mother 40 years ago. It's true"

"You don't know unless you try it for yourself"

"I tried it - it definitely works."

Do you people hear yourselves? (Or read what you're writing?)

Do some research - Wikipedia will do.

Look up:

"Double-blind controlled randomised trial"
"Self-limiting [infection]"
"Anecdotal Evidence"

Piss happy!! Comments By: Peebody on 2009-08-19
My husband has a stye...he's in bathroom right now pissing on his eye!:) Letcha know if it works!
IDIOTS Comments By: Jessica on 2009-08-22
I could be money.. Comments By: Courtney on 2009-08-29
I think your all desprate to get rid of your stye, or else you wouldn't have clicked on this remedy to begin with. I could bet money half the people here that criticized actually tried it. Im debating if I should try it or not because I have a job interview tomorrow.
My eye doctor told me to do the hot water and salt thing, but it doesn't work as fast. If its not gone by tomorrow, Ill give the "pee" thing a try. Just not baby pee, but my own because I trust my own body fluids before I'd trust anyone elses lol!

Read the labels Comments By: Christine on 2009-11-21
For all of you who are completely freaked out about pee as a cure, you may want to read the labels of the hair products, mosturizers, make-up and a ton of other everyday items. If it says urea...then you are putting pee on your face, hair, lips etc. every single day. BTW breast milk also works for sties(also clogged tear ducts, baby achne & diaper rash). Yes it is gross sounding, but it works!!
IM SOOO SCARED Comments By: icant stop crying.... on 2009-11-25
I really dont know wat to do because i dont want a permanent eye infection from pee SOMEONE HELP!!! i have been hiding my sty w/ my bangs been working fr 8 months but i cry every night because the sty is so ugly i have an urge to rip my eyelid off HEELLLPP!!!!!! GIVE ME SOME FEED BACK ILL WRITE BACK WHENEVER IT GOES AWAY PROBABLY NEVER -tear tear
Urine Therapy Comments By: Anonymous on 2010-01-01
Urine is actually sterile. 95% of your urine is water and 5% of it is just nitrogenous waste and or dead viruses and bacteria. Urine has actually been used to treat infections and other things and is used in religious practices. if you want more information about urine then look up urine therapy. Urine therapy refers to one of several uses of urine to prevent or cure sickness, to enhance beauty, or to cleanse one's bowels. Many advocates claim that urine is a panacea. There is practically nothing it won't cure. Urine is said to be effective against the flu, the common cold, broken bones, toothache, dry skin, psoriasis and all other skin problems. It is said to deter aging and is helpful with AIDS, allergies, animal and snake bites, asthma, heart disease, hypertension, burns, cancer, chemical intoxication, chicken pox, enteritis, constipation, and pneumonia. Urine is said to be effective against dysentery, edema, eczema, eye irritation, fatigue, fever, gonorrhea, gout, bloody urine, smallpox, immunological disorders, infections, infertility, baldness, insomnia, jaundice, hepatitis, Kaposi's sarcoma, leprosy, lymphatic disorder, urticaria, morning sickness, hangover, obesity, papilloma virus, parasitoses, gastric ulcer, rheumatism, birthmarks, stroke, congestion, lumbago, typhus, gastritis, depression, cold sore, tuberculosis, tetanus, Parkinson's disease, foot fungus, and diabetes and other endocrine related diseases. So you don't know until it you try it, it could work.For more information as i said, look up urine therappy on google or go to:


Thank You!!

I've Got a Baby so I'm trying it! Comments By: curious on 2010-01-06
Look I've had this sty long that I'm willing to try anything! It cant be worse this this itchy raised bump on my eye! Pee is sterile so I've heard my whole life. So why not.. The trick is how to get the pee, my baby is in diapers. I also wonder why I couldn't just use my own pee...
Dicky eye water Comments By: qquixi on 2010-01-27
My M-I-L told mt this 30 years ago and it really works
Why not?? Comments By: amber on 2010-02-03
I would try this..you pee on your feet in the shower?? its good for them.. you can look it up...
It's True Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-26
You don't need Baby Pee but if you pee on a Cotton Bud & dab it at your Stye it really does work. The stye goes down fast & also put a wet hot cloth on it. ( :
DONT KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT Comments By: TWIN on 2010-06-20
First I would like to say I research it first.Go to Google and type in urine therapy,knowledge is everything.I used my own pee,did not have baby around.I drunk a lot of water to flush the toxin out of my pee then I pee in the toilet and pee on some tissue and squeezed it in my eye and immediately my eye felt better.I would comment tomorrow and let you know about the progress.
Dont Knock It Till You Try It Comments By: TWIN on 2010-06-21
Next day comment,sty is not completely gone but it feels and looks a lot better.
i think it does actually works Comments By: mara on 2010-07-19
alot of people may not know this but baby urine was used to treat alot of infections...to any1 thats going to use their own urine i dont recommend that.u see baby urine has nothing in it because they only drink milk .(breast or formula)..its pure...urine from an older person has toxins in it...(because of all the things we take in ...i put my sons urine on my pimple and it went away !!!but hey im only 19 ...im jus going with wat i know...
Icky, but if you're desperate... Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-16
Urine is sterile until it encounters bacteria on your genitals, infection within the body, or bacteria in the environment. I don't remember what was on the wipe, but when I went to have a urine test done, the doctor had me wipe my genitals clean with some sort of moist towelette first. I believe if this precaution is followed (use the RIGHT kind of wipe), then the urine would be safe to use to kill a sty.
it really works Comments By: me on 2010-12-16
i didnt belive it either but i tried it yesterday and my eye started to feel better right away.. didnt hae baby pee so i used my own. Just put a little on a tissue and dabbed the infected area. who would of knew something like that worked. i heard the stories, tried it and today its gone....
KEEP THE STY ON YOUR EYE, BUT IM USING THE PEE!!!!!!! Comments By: meya on 2010-12-28
One day i woke up like the norm and, noticed that when i blinked my eye would hurt.It also felt kind of bursed. Later that day my family told me that it was a sty and that i needed to but a baby's pee on it or if not a baby then my own. Let me teel you THAT PEE WORKED!!!!!It went right away so if you have a sty on your eye don't let it grow in to a big lump USE THE PEE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WILLING TO TRY IT! Comments By: ella on 2011-02-08
I've had a stye for about two weeks now... will the pee work on my stye, i have a large red bump and will do anythingg before surgery lemme know! p.s. how long do you leave the pee on for?
Baby pee? Comments By: Mother of Three on 2011-04-10
Just to note, a baby who is fed only breast milk their pee is clear. It also does not smell. I have never used baby pee for a stye but logically it would work. It is true that pee is sterile in the body and there are many germs on the ADULT groin region. A babies groin is cleaned hourly by bacteria killing baby wipes!

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