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Women like men, who are not hygenically challenged!

Submitted by Shannon

It would be nice to see men, who are concerned with being clean and smelling nice, this includes maybe, a shave and a shower (daily) also good oral hygiene is nifty too.

And if you feel really daring, a splash of after shave would not hurt. 

You don't have to get all" Metro sexual" and start wearing sandals and pink button up shirts and lip gloss and manicures and all of that. Just a little primping here and there.

If you have one eyebrow, why not make them two? Because two is really better than one.

And the whole "Burt" from sesame street look ,is really not becoming.

If you have a beer gut that makes it appear as though you are going to birth twins at any second, you do not have to cut out the beer ,just maybe start drinking a light beer instead.

These are the little things that a woman, would appreciate.

We go to a lot of trouble to look nice for you, this includes many daily rituals, of shaving various parts of our body ,makeup, hair, nails, etc.

It would be nice if the favor was returned in some small way to us.

Visitors comments

Great points Comments By: TipKing on 2005-04-23
Thank you for sending in this great advise shannon.

Many times I am out and I feel sick at the smell that some men feel is masculine. I feel like handing them some deodorant.

I am ashamed to be male sometimes

Great points!

I'm a guy.. and agree Comments By: Kris. S on 2009-04-22
I was just thinking yesterday how frustrating it is to see women looking so nice for their boyfriends, and the boyfriends looking like road kill. I'm always clean, look nice and smell nice for my girlfriend. It shows her that I care about her and don't take her for granted. It's a simple matter of mutual respect.. as well as not wanting to look like a slob in general.

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